Zach Messy House, Josiah Bday: Photos

Little people, big world stars Tori Roloff and Zach Roloffthe youngest son of josias lucasHe turned 1 on April 30 and it’s clear he’s ready to join his older siblings in adventures. jackson and lilah ray.

Zach, 32, took to his Instagram Stories on Tuesday, May 2, to show the mess that followed after the festivities. In the clip, Josiah crawled across the hardwood floors as toys were scattered throughout the living room. Zach gave viewers a bird’s eye view of mini cars, a scooter, and a basketball hoop scattered across the ground.

The TLC couple moved from Portland, Oregon to their 2,600-square-foot home in Battle Ground, Washington in October 2023, before becoming the parents of three children.

In the past, viewers have criticized the Roloffs for their messy house. However, Tori has always been candid about running a bigger house, pointing out that her youngest son previously didn’t take naps longer than 20 minutes and that lack of sleep was becoming detrimental.

“I’m trying really hard to enjoy this stage,” the photographer explained to her husband during a December 2022 episode of LPBW. “But then there are other days where I’m like, ‘I’m really miserable.'”

The chores apparently pointed to real problems in their marriage, as Tori felt the former football player wasn’t giving her any “parenting credit.”

“When you lack sleep and feel like you’re sinking and failing as a mother, it can be frustrating,” Tori told her husband in another scene. “That is why I feel overwhelmed. Honestly, Zach, this is why, because you don’t give me any credit for anything.”

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his sister in law, Audrey RoloffHe’s also received his fair share of criticism, and in the past, he’s reacted to comments he’s received for having what the internet considered to be a messy space.

“Not a judgment at all, but I just don’t know how that happens,” read a social media user’s DM, which Audrey shared via her Instagram Stories in July 2022. [three] children too and was a housewife. My house never looked like this.”

Shortly after, the host of the “Behind the Scenes” podcast posted a slide that featured countless direct messages from fans supporting him.

“Haters gonna hate,” wrote one user. Meanwhile, another follower added: “That’s 100 percent judgment!! My house looks like this with two kids, and I work from home! It is more important to have fun with children than to run [around] order after them!

Keep scrolling to see photos of Zach and Tori’s messy house from ‘Little People, Big World’ after Josiah’s first birthday.

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