Yara Sparks Plastic Surgery Rumors

A little shine? 90 day fiance star Yara Zaya she first sparked rumors of plastic surgery after clips of a former reality show appearance resurfaced online following her TLC debut in 2020, which seemed to reveal her previous appearance.

Yara appeared on a Ukrainian program titled fashion for the people in 2013 when I was 19 years old. The series, which aired on TET, seemed to have a similar premise to the now-defunct TLC one. What not to wearwhere contestants would join the show in hopes of getting a head-to-toe makeover.

“My name is Yaroslava, I am 19 years old, I am a very party girl. I love discos a lot. I also love rich men, preferably foreigners,” Yara said in her confessional, which was posted via Reddit. In a voiceover, the host revealed that Yara’s mother works as a baker and her father is a businessman from Hungary, but her parents divorced her when she was very young.

“I came to kyiv because my father does not live with my mother. They broke up,” said Yara, getting emotional.

The voiceover explained that Yara was looking for a man who exhibited different traits from her father, which is why she seeks love with foreign men. It seemed that her motivation for joining the show and getting a makeover was to attract a partner.

“It is very difficult to believe in love. I don’t know. Somehow she still couldn’t love anyone. At first I think it is love, but in reality it turns out to be just sympathy for a person and it fades very quickly, ”she explained. “Usually I meet foreigners when I walk on Khreschatyk street, for example, it happens very often. But most of the time, of course, in nightclubs where there are a lot of foreigners in kyiv. It seems to me that they are, I don’t know, better, more intelligent than Ukrainian men, of course.

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Fans immediately pointed out that Yara looked completely different in scenes on the show than she did in the ones. 90 day fiance. Some speculated that she may have since had a nose job or lip fillers.

During part 1 of the season 8 reveal in April 2020, Yara revealed that she had plastic surgery for a rhinoplasty to fix her nose, which she said previously looked like a “potato”.

She also previously addressed fan speculation about her lip injections. In the comments of a selfie posted on January of that yearYara talked about her experience with the filler.

“Do you fill in your lips?” asked a fan. “I did it 4 years ago,” Yara replied. The fan then asked how often Yara refreshes her filler, to which she replied, “If it’s not done every year, the gel will wear off.”

Following his return in season 7 of the spin-off, 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever Afterthe native of Ukraine presented a new wish to her husband, jovi dufren — a breast augmentation after welcoming her daughter, Mylah.

In August 2022, the TLC star revealed that she had the procedure and had her breasts enhanced by her co-star. Angela considersHe is a plastic surgeon Michael K. Screwdriver.

“I had a breast lift and implants because, as you know, I breastfed for 17 months: alone, no water, no formula, nothing. So I was, I really need help. [sic]the Ukraine native shared via her Instagram Stories following the procedure in August 2022. “No matter what I do, I get judged so often.”

“But I did it and I’m glad I did it. If I care what everyone thinks of me, I’ll go crazy. [sic],” She continued.

Keep scrolling to see before and after photos of 90 day fiance plastic surgery transformation of star Yara Zaya.

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