Winter Everett Weight Loss Surgery

Get it girl! winter everett has been on a public weight loss journey since she first appeared as part of the sister Chantel Jimeno (née Everett) on season 4 of TLC 90 day fiance. The Everett and Jimeno families continued to share their journey in their own spin-off,The Chantel of the Family. During season 4 of the show, Winter took a big step for her health and underwent weight-loss surgery.

Winter Everett’s Weight Loss Journey

During season 2 of the family song, Winter brought cameras to a consultation appointment for bariatric surgery. She weighed 313 pounds at the time, and the show was filmed sometime in 2020.

In July of that year, Winter took to Instagram to reveal that she had lost 50 pounds.

“The photo on the left was taken a few years ago. I was about 330 pounds back then,” Winter captioned a before and after photo of herself. “That was the heaviest she had ever weighed. So many unfortunate situations surrounded me and my attention was directed outwards. During that time, my health was definitely not a priority.”

The Georgia native said her “body was crying out for help” but she didn’t know how to start her weight loss journey. She ended up setting a fitness goal and it changed her perspective on weight loss and before she knew it, the extra pounds on her were melting away.

“In 2020, I completely changed my focal point. Instead of focusing on what I want, I tried to focus more on WHO I AM,” she added. “It was not an easy path, but I made it. It’s just down here!

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Winter Everett was inspired by the ‘Slimming Barbie’

After her separation from her long-term boyfriend hah kingWinter decided to focus on herself and that’s when she decided to have weight loss surgery.

“After the breakup, I was sitting in my bedroom watching TikTok and I saw Weight Loss Barbie,” Winter said on the season 4 premiere of the family song. “She was telling her story about how bariatric surgery was done in Mexico. So I decided to do some research and research her doctors and I decided that this would be a great opportunity for me”.

Winter Everett underwent weight-loss surgery in Tijuana, Mexico

Winter decided that she would travel to Mexico to have her bariatric surgery performed by the same surgeons as the slimming Barbie. The gastric sleeve procedure, also called a sleeve gastrectomy, is a type of bariatric surgery that shrinks the stomach for the purpose of long-term weight loss.

As daunting as it was, Winter did not have to face the operation alone. The his mother, karen everettand her sister Chantel were there with her to offer support.

While comforting her sister before surgery, Chantel assured Winter that “she’s going to be okay,” adding that it’s the start of a new beginning for her.

After reassuring Winter, Chantel goes on to explain that the surgeon will remove 75 percent of her brother’s stomach.

Keep scrolling below for before and after photos of Winter’s weight loss journey!

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