Will Prince Harry Attend Coronation With Meghan Markle?

With King Charles IIIAs the coronation approaches, fans of the royal family are wondering if prince harry and his wife, Meghan Marklethey are expected to attend the high-profile event in May.

A coronation is held for any new monarch who ascends the throne to publicly celebrate and honor their new monarchical title.

“The coronation will reflect the role of the monarch today and look to the future, while taking root in longstanding traditions and pageantry,” Buckingham Palace wrote in a statement in October 2022.

Read on to find out if Meghan Markle will be attending the coronation with Prince Harry!

When is the coronation of King Carlos III?

The king’s coronation is scheduled for Saturday May 6 and will take place at Westminster Abbey in London. Charles is the first British monarch to be formally crowned in the 21st century since the coronation of his late mother, Queen Elizabeth II, in June 1953. The Queen died aged 96 in September 2022 after becoming the British monarch. longest to reign.

When is the coronation of King Charles?

Will Prince Harry attend King Charles’ coronation with Meghan Markle?

In the months leading up to the new king’s coronation, it was unclear whether Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan would be present at the ceremony amid tension with the royal family.

However, in early March, a spokesperson for the Archwell founders confirmed that the former royal and Suits alum received an invitation to attend.

“I can confirm that the Duke recently received email correspondence from Her Majesty’s office regarding the coronation,” the spokesperson said. us weekly March 5. “At this time we will not disclose an immediate decision on whether the Duke and Duchess will attend.”

According to a statement issued by Buckingham Palace on April 12, Harry is expected to attend his father’s coronation alone.

“Buckingham Palace is pleased to confirm that the Duke of Sussex will attend the Coronation Service at Westminster Abbey on May 6,” the palace statement read. “The Duchess of Sussex will remain in California with Prince Archie and Princess Lilibet.”

When is the coronation of King Charles?
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Which members of the royal family will attend the coronation of King Charles?

In addition to Meghan and Harry, more than 2,000 people are expected to attend the upcoming ceremony and festivities. prince william and his wife, princess kate (née Middleton), will be there in addition to Queen Consort Camilla Bowles.

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Kate and William’s eldest son, Prince George of Wales, is reportedly turning up at his grandfather’s coronation as a ‘page of honour’. In addition to her son, Kate and William share a daughter, Princess Charlotte of Wales, and a son, Prince Louis of Wales.

prince edward and his wife, duchess sofiawill also attend the ceremony in addition to princess anne.

A handful of royals were not invited, namely the Duchess of York, Sarah Ferguson, aka Fergie. However, she is expected to be sitting in the VIP section of the Coronation Concert outside Windsor Castle.

Also, ma’am Pamela Hicksinvited to the coronation prince philipcousin of and one of Queen Elizabeth’s former ladies-in-waiting, and Charles SpencerThe king’s former brother-in-law reportedly received no invitations.

Which celebrities will attend the coronation of King Charles?

Outside of the royal family, some notable faces from the United States have also RSVP’d. while the president Joe Biden will not be present, his wife, the First Lady jill bidenIt will be there, the White House announced in a statement on April 4.

“President Joseph R. Biden, Jr. spoke with King Carlos III today, underscoring the strength of the relationship between our countries and the friendship between our peoples,” the statement read. “The President congratulated the King on his upcoming coronation and informed him that First Lady Jill Biden looks forward to attending on behalf of the United States. The President also conveyed his wish to meet the King in the UK at a future date.”

Several well-known musical artists will also perform on the occasion, including american idol judges Katy Perry and lionel richie.

The “All Night Long” artist noted that “it’s an honor” to perform at the event while speaking with entertainment tonight on April 16.

“I mean, first of all, when you’ve been in the business a long time, and of course when you get an invitation like this, the answer is ‘Absolutely,’” Lionel told the outlet. “We’ve been friends for a long time, I’ve known him for a long time, but being asked is everything.”

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