Why Was Bear Brown Hospitalized?

Alaskan Bush People star Brown bear revealed to fans that he was suddenly hospitalized, but why? Shortly after the Discovery Channel personality shared a photo of himself via social media wearing a hospital bracelet, he opened up about the incident and explained what happened.

Read on for an update on Bear’s health after his hospitalization.

Why was Alaskan Bush People’s Bear Brown hospitalized?

On April 17, 2023, Bear shared a photo via Instagram in the morning with the caption “Oops!” The post included an image of the reality TV star flashing a medical bracelet to the camera as she sat in what appeared to be a hospital room.

Fans quickly flooded the comments section to ask Bear what led him to seek medical attention.

“What happened? Are you alright so far?” wrote a fan, to which Bear replied, “Yes!”

Hours later, the Washington state resident broke his silence on the matter to explain what happened.

“Hey guys! I was working yesterday hauling hay and ripping up old barbed wire and accidentally stabbed myself really deep with rusty barbed wire,” Bear wrote in a separate Instagram post, adding: “So, I had to go to the ER get a tetanus shot!”

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Does Bear Brown have children?

Bear welcomed baby number 1, son River, with his wife brown crow (née Adams) in March 2020. Raiven gave birth to the couple’s second child, Cove, in January 2023.

After announcing Cove’s birth, Bear and Raiven revealed that their second son was due to be admitted to the NICU just like his brother, River, shortly after his birth.

“Our son was born yesterday morning, it was my scheduled C-section,” Raiven wrote in an Instagram post at the time. “We decided this was the best option due to the risks as my firstborn had a C-section. Unfortunately, he has a few things to do, so he’s in the NICU. It is very difficult to reach 38 weeks and have the baby go to the NICU like his big brother.”

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Despite the rocky start, Cove was released from the NICU later that month, his father confirmed via Instagram.

“Cove is finally out of the NICU and back where she belongs: in her mother’s arms!” Bear captioned an emotional Instagram post. “I know I’ve said it before, but Raiven is amazing, and he couldn’t be more proud of her! She is so strong! And I feel very blessed to have two boys who had rough starts, but are doing great now!”

Are the bear and the raiven from Alaskan Bush People still together?

It appears the couple is still together in 2023, though they briefly broke up in late 2022.

“Oso and I have broken up,” she wrote in a since-deleted Instagram post from December 2022. “I am putting my health and my children’s health first. We will be co-parenting, no drama, and I will not be sharing any information beyond this point.”

However, a month later, the couple apparently patched up their ups and downs after Raiven clarified that they were simply taking a “break”.

“It is unlikely that we will have to co-parent for a long time while we work things out,” he explained to a fan. “We have made a lot of progress while we were apart through our relationship. We have been together for a year without separating because things are going well.

In mid-January 2023, Raiven confirmed that she and Bear were officially reunited when they celebrated their wedding anniversary by enjoying a “movie date” with River, she revealed via Instagram at the time.

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