Why Isn’t Tom Cruise at Oscars 2023? Skipped, Absence

tom cruise will not appear at the 95th annual Academy Awards, although his film Top Gun: Maverick is nominated for six awards. Read on to find out why the actor won’t be attending the 2023 Oscars.

Why isn’t Tom Cruise at the 2023 Oscars?

Tom was absent from the March 12 ceremony as he is currently in the UK filming for Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part II, according Deadline.

News of Tom’s absence follows reports that Lady Gagawho was nominated for Best Original Song for Top Gun: Maverick’s final song, “Hold My Hand,” will perform at the Oscars following initial reports of a scheduling conflict.

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Representatives for Tom did not immediately respond to In contactrequest for comments.

How many Oscars was Top Gun: Maverick nominated for?

Top Gun: Maverick was nominated for six awards; Best Film, Film Editing, Sound, Music (Original Song), Visual Effects and Adaptive Screenplay. Producer jerry bruckheimer is ready to accept the award should Best Picture win.

The sequel’s many nominations came as a pleasant surprise to fans, as Tom and the production team put countless hours into creating the thrilling aviation action.

when talking to rant on screen in May 2022, the The Age of Tomorrow The actor explained that creating the action film was his “dream.”

“Listen, the point of making movies and the beauty of it is that you can travel the world and see other cultures and be part of communities,” he told the outlet, explaining why going above and beyond by filming huge action shots was necessary. “To look and walk in someone else’s shoes and feel what they are [feeling]. Making movies, you are constantly learning. You have to constantly work to become more and more competent in many different fields. And I want to tell you that that’s the beauty of making movies. That is why I have always pushed my films to be international, all over the world and in different communities. And to be a part of that from the beginning.”

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