Who’s Been Nude On Screen?

While actresses have been doing full frontal nudity scenes in movies for years, it’s rare for a male actor to do the same. But there are a handful of stars who have discovered it all by going head-on in the name of art… and sometimes humor.

Bradley Cooper he’s the latest A-lister to strip for the sake of his trade. He called the scene of him in 2021 nightmare alley “a big problem” during an interview with the hollywood reporteras he has been seen completely naked from the front and from the side while in a bathtub, engaging in a sexual act with the actress. Toni Collettethe character of

“I remember reading the script and thinking, ‘He’s a pickled punk in that bathtub and he’s part of the story. You have to,'” he recalled. “I can still remember that day just from being naked in front of the team for six hours, and it was Toni Collette’s first day. It was like, ‘Wow.’ It was pretty heavy.”

The eight-time Oscar nominee said he didn’t hesitate to show everything for the scene “because there was nothing free about it. He went down in history.

Ewan McGregor He has appeared head on so many times in movies that he has surpassed all his peers. But as for showing his assets in movies like train sighting and velvet pot of gold“It’s about life,” the actor told the British show Express in 2011, adding: “We’re naked at the end of the day, and sometimes we’re naked in the middle of the day. If we are lucky.

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ben affleck received some sage advice from his girl is gone director, david fincher, when it came to her now-infamous nude shower scene in 2014. “David told me early on, ‘This is a warts movie and all. You cannot have vanity. You have to see the bare belly of this character. It has to be like in Europe; they just don’t likeIt’s not about any of that and they just play real people. [So] there is brief, very brief nudity,” he told MTV News while promoting the film.

But your interviewer joseph horowitz, then growled, “Let’s sell this on the penis!” to which Ben replied, “The penis is there!” He continued to joke: “It costs more. It’s the IMAX penis! You have to pay $15 to see it in 3-D. It looks better in 3-D.” But he did come with a caveat, as Ben noted how the temperature during filming might have affected his exposed, naked body. “It was a very cold set. It was very cold. It was below freezing,” he added.

Scroll down to find actors who have bare it all in frontal movie scenes.

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