Who Is Teresa Giudice’s Husband? Get to Know Louie Ruelas

Joe who? judge theresa got engaged to her fiancé Luis “Louis” Ruelas in October 2021 and the two got married in August 2022. Keep scrolling to find out more about Teresa’s husband, “Louie.”

When did Teresa and Luis get engaged?

Luis popped the question on October 19 at the Amanzoe Resort in Porto Heli, Greece. “It was absolutely exquisite,” said a source. People At the time. “The choreographed fireworks display lit up a ‘Marry Me’ sign as Louie got down on one knee. Teresa was completely shocked.”

They were married at Park Chateau Estates & Gardens in East Brunswick, New Jersey on August 6, 2022. The ceremony was attended by friends and family of the couples, including Bravo celebrities. Dolores Catania and ramona singer.

Before their engagement, Teresa opened up about their chemistry, saying that he is “incredible” and her “soul mate.”

“Well, Louie is more open. He makes me open up,” she previously divulged during Watch What Happens live with Andy Cohen. “Like, I know exactly what you’re feeling. She expresses her feelings. Because he is so open, he makes me express my feelings to him,” she explained, adding with a smile, “I really like the attention and so does he. We both pay a lot of attention to each other, which I love. We can’t keep our hands off each other.”

When Andy Cohen he asked his other guest, Jackie Hoffmann, her thoughts on Tre’s sex life, she cheekily said, “If he’s Latino, he’s probably the only one who could keep up with that libido of hers.” Tre replied: “Yes! OMG, amazing. You do not even know it!”

Teresa wanted to remarry?

At that point, he revealed whether or not he could see himself walking down the aisle again. “Sorry,” she blushed herself. “We’ll see what happens. I really feel like she’s my soul mate.”

The couple was seen packing up on the PDA at LAX airport in Los Angeles in January 2021. The RHONJ The star kissed her partner inside the building, while he touched her back with one hand as they walked through the California air center, according to photos obtained by daily mail.

Teresa became Instagram official with her new man a year after leaving him with her husband joe judge. “The BEST thing that came out of 2020”, the Bravo star captioned a photo on Dec. 22, showing her sitting on Luis’s lap.

Who is Teresa Giudice's boyfriend?
Courtesy Teresa Giudice/Instagram

She previously teased the new stud in her life on November 9 via Facebook.. In it photoa mysterious man could be seen with his arm around her waist. According us weeklythe mom of four she started dating the businessman around that time. A source told the outlet that the couple is “very new, but they are happy.” after her divorce from Joe was finalized in September.

When did Joe and Teresa break up?

In December 2019, In contact Joe and Teresa, who share daughters Gia, Gabriella, Milania and Audriana, have separated after 20 years of marriage. “Teresa and Joe broke up, but they all saw it coming. No one is really surprised,” an exclusive source revealed at the time. “Even her daughters knew it was coming and their recent trip to Italy was all about spending quality time together and discussing the real issue at hand: they were breaking up.”

Joe Giudice Teresa Giudice Photos

As for Joe, he too moved on after the split. In an interview with AND! News In October 2020, the reality dad explained that he has no hard feelings towards his wife and is involved with someone new.

“We’re not really dating,” the Bravo alum said to the outlet of his potential love interest, a lawyer. “But we’re seeing each other or whatever.”

When asked how it feels to see Teresa move on, Joe, who currently resides in the Bahamas after serving prison time for fraud, admitted it would be foolish to be upset.

“What is she going to do, stay alone forever?” Joe asked. “That’s not fair either. Look, if she had gotten out and she could have gone home, who knows what would happen? Maybe we would still be in the same situation, maybe not. I don’t know. Things change after so many years.”

What does Luis do for a living?

Luis revealed to Andy Cohen in 2023 that he had started a new company called Digital Media Solutions (DMS), which works in the digital media industry. He told Bravo’s boss that he manages “lead generation ad sales” as part of his daily routine. The company describes itself as a “leading provider of technology-enabled digital performance advertising solutions,” according to his unverified account. DMS is also listed on the New York Stock Exchange.

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Previously, Luis worked at a marketing and media company, but was later fired from his position after getting involved in a drama with an ex-girlfriend.

“Teresa didn’t want me to say this, but they let me go from my company because of all the negative things that came up in the press because of my exes,” the Bravo star explained in May 2022 while appearing on Watch What Happens live with Andy Cohen. “Yeah, they called me and said, you know, ‘You have to resign.’ That really sucks.

Where does Luis live?

Teresa and Luis moved their blended family into a six-acre property, with Teresa’s daughter Gia telling Andy Cohen in February 2022, “Everyone has a room, and then there’s a guest room,” and Louie He pointed out that even the four dogs have their own room. “Honestly, it’s great.”

In addition to the amazing home, the property is decked out with an outdoor entertainment center, BBQ area, cabana, and survey and hot tub. The backyard also features the Italian phrase “semper insieme,” a feature Luis surprised Teresa with when they moved in.

Why are Teresa’s co-stars skeptical of Luis?

The reality star has been by her man’s side as her co-stars have voiced their concerns. During the season 12 premiere of The Real Housewives of New JerseyTeresa defended Luis after a “weird” video reappeared at a party she was organizing.

Although Bravo did not show the clip, daisy josephs he described it in a confessional.

“This video, I don’t know what was going on. But Luis is on the beach in the middle of this herd of men. And they’re all, you know, naked. The poor guy appears to have been swept away by the river and is apologizing to the men behind him,” Margaret said. “And everyone is kind of cheering him on, [saying], ‘You can do it!’ And these are men that would scare the hell out of me if I saw them in an alley, by the way,” he added.

In response, Teresa told him: “Hey, that’s part of your past, so you don’t owe anyone an explanation for anything. I think he is an amazing man,” she said. “I was guided by how Luis and I are present and future. I have a past he has a past.

Additionally, Luis has become embroiled in the ongoing feud between Teresa and her brother, Joe Gorgaand things escalated further during a March 2023 episode of RHONJ. Teresa alleged that Joe caused a scene amid conversations with Luis about doing business together.

“So [Luis] it was like, ‘OK’. She put in $250K,” Teresa said on the episode. “So [Luis] spoke to our lawyer, and he [was] like, ‘Well, what percentage should I give Joey?’ I guess they came up with, I don’t know, five percent. Then my brother went crazy. As if he wanted 50 percent ”.

The bank of Luis Ruelas!  His net worth after his failed deal with Joe Gorga
Gregory Pace/Shutterstock

Joe, meanwhile, criticized Teresa and defended himself in the following season 13 episode.

“Said [Luis], ‘It’s my idea. It is my sister and I, and we will honor my father. We’ll call it Nonno’s Pizza. He loved it,” Joe stated. “[Luis] screwed me over in a second. Louie puts up the money. I figure I give 50 percent to my sister; she was getting 50 percent. And then my nephew comes to my house and says: ‘Did you see that they tidied up the boxes?’ I say, ‘What boxes?’ He says, ‘Your sister had a photo shoot with her and the girls, and they called it Skinny Pizza or something.’

Joe went on to claim that Teresa asked him, “Did you put the fucking money in?” to which he allegedly replied, “What? You think I couldn’t put up $200,000? …It was my fucking idea!”

Luis has yet to comment on the alleged altercation, but fans can watch the drama unfold during season 13 of the hit show.

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