Which Couples Are Still Together?

The whole premise of love after lockdown makes it difficult for relationships to last long term. But for those lucky couples who turned pen pal exchanges into real-life love after a prison stint ends, things have been pretty rewarding. But which love after lockdown Are the couples still together today after the show?

The couples on the show are made up of a person abroad, who fell in love with a prisoner who was serving a sentence. Upon the release of the offender, the lovebirds try to try in the real world, having only “quoted” or in some cases married! while the other person was behind bars.

The show became a huge hit after its debut on WE tv on January 12, 2018. Since then, it has become a Friday night juggernaut that has run for three seasons, with the fourth debuting on January 18. June 2021. The series spawned the popular spin-off. life after lockdown, which follows couples from previous seasons of the show to provide current updates on their love lives. The final season premieres on Friday, February 24, 2023.

It has not been easy for most couples adjusting to as the title says life after lockdown For the outsider, expectations that they will get married immediately after years of “dating” through pen pals (with occasional visits) are usually high. Expectations are usually high for the outsider that they will get married immediately after years of “dating” through being pen pals with occasional visits. But for the prisoner, life in the real world presents much more pressing challenges than finding a wedding venue. Some have to move to halfway houses, while others remain on restrictive probation. Everyone has to try to find a job…which is a big challenge having a criminal record!

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Sadly, some would-be romantics on the outside discover that their prison girlfriends used them as “tricks” to get them to send them money and other items to make life behind bars easier. Several women on the show later found out that their men on the inside were getting hot and annoying with other pen pals on the outside, which has led to some very intense situations for the women to find themselves in. face to face. But there are seven couples from the show’s three seasons who found love, got married, and in several cases started families of their own.

Scroll down to see which pairs of love after lockdown they are still together!

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