Where Is Syngin Colchester Now? Job, More

90 day fiance alum Singin Colchester he is living his best life! Despite detailing his harsh breakup with his wife Tanya Maduro in season 2 of 90 days: the single life, the South African native moved on with his life and debuted a new girlfriend named shayna. Keep scrolling to find out what Syngin has been up to since splitting up with Tania, like his job, where he lives, and more.

Why did Tania and Syngin break up?

In season 2 of the spin-off, Tania and Syngin were on completely different pages regarding the future of their relationship. While Tania wanted to settle down and have children, Syngin lived a much more carefree lifestyle.

Following their split in the summer of 2021, Syngin moved out of their shared home and they began dating again. “I think it’s really important for me not to get into a new relationship with someone who isn’t trying to change me so much,” she explained of her new perspective on dating in a January 2022 episode. “Where they genuinely accept me and accept my way of thinking about the universe.”

In May 2022, when asked by the host –Shaun Robinson in it 90 Day: Single’s life Season 2 reunion If there were any regrets regarding his split from Tania, Syngin responded, “There’s a lot of thinking after the split, you know, did we try hard enough? Was it something we could have done? … I feel like we started being mean to each other, starting to say horrible things just to make each other mad. So, I actually think we canceled it at the right time.”

As for his relationship with his ex, Syngin later revealed in a June 2022 Instagram Q&A that the couple “still talk”. When asked by a fan what her biggest lesson from her previous marriage was, she revealed, “That love is not enough.”

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Courtesy of Syngin Colchester/Instagram

Less than a year later, Tania tried her hand at love during season 3 and the exes reunited during the second part of the December 2022 reveal.

While Tania initially decided to “broaden her net” when it came to dating and was open to meeting both men and women, one of her previous dates felt she was leaving the door open to a possible reconciliation with Syngin by not divorcing him. .

“I love Syngin, but it’s not like a feeling, like I still want to be with him,” the Connecticut native responded during the reunion special. “That’s over and in the past.”

Where is Syngin Colchester now?

After separating from Tania in the summer of 2021, Syngin first tried to move to Arizona. He previously she stayed with a friend, later revealed that he left the Grand Canyon State. “It’s too hot out there… 110 [degrees] at night, no thanks,” he wrote on his Instagram Story.

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Where is Syngin Colchester now?
Courtesy of Syngin Colchester/Instagram

Also speaking of his tendency to disappear on social media, the The TLC star explained that it gets “overwhelming” and that he doesn’t “enjoy it.”

Syngin has since moved to California.

Who is Syngin Colchester’s new girlfriend?

while the 90 day fiance alum slowly returned to the dating scene during season 2 of the Single’s lifeSyngin took to social media to reveal that he was in a serious relationship with a woman named Shayna.

“Let’s see what happens! (*Not* as seen on TV),” she shared via Instagram in July 2022, along with a photo of the beloved couple kissing on the beach. Her new partner, who goes by the name Shan Francisco on Instagram, also took to his IG to share the announcement of the new couple.

Courtesy of Syngin Colchester/Instagram

“Loving you is my favorite thing,” she wrote. As for Tania, she apparently reacted to her ex’s new relationship through her Instagram Stories.

“In the forest camp,” he wrote while uploading a selfie, attaching an emoji. “Red light is for stargazing, your night vision is affected by it. But I messed up my night vision by looking at my phone… so.”

What is Syngin Colchester’s job?

Syngin has had several different jobs. He previously worked as a bartender. In June 2022, he said that he had been “working on a farm in California” during an Instagram Story Q&A with fans.

Currently, he makes a living creating NSFW OnlyFans content with his girlfriend, Shayna.

Syngin also revealed that he uses his platform as a social media influencer for profit.

“I was lucky to be on the show,” Syngin responded to a fan in November 2022 when asked how he and Shayna can afford to live what seemed like a lavish lifestyle in California. “All the time when people see me having cocktails and great food, it’s because it’s always free if I just post…so I’m using all my resources to make it happen…. But it gets hard.

Is Syngin returning to the ’90 Day Fiance’ franchise?

While it’s unclear if Syngin has plans to film within the 90 day fiance franchise, said he “took a break from everything.”

“Reality TV can really mess things up even more,” she wrote via her Instagram Stories in March 2023. “But I’m working on a little show right now.”

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