Where Is Rosanna Now? Update Today

Fans will be able to catch up with go back to the amish star rosana miller during season 7 of the reality show. So what has he been up to since season 6 concluded? Keep scrolling to find out what Rosanna is up to today.

When did ‘Return to Amish’ star Rosanna Miller make her reality TV debut?

Rosanna was first introduced to viewers in 2021 during season 6 of the TLC show. At the time, she was afraid to explore the English world as she and the rest of the cast navigated the COVID-19 pandemic.

Despite her concerns, Rosanna and her best friend, maureen byler, left their families in Pennsylvania to see what life is like in Florida. Although Rosanna eventually moved back home, she decided to start living a more independent lifestyle.

What is ‘Return to Amish’ star Rosanna Miller doing today?

Since Season 6 concluded in May 2021, Rosanna has been dating her Amish boyfriend, johnny detweiler. The couple announced that they are expecting baby number 1 in 2021.

In March 2022, Rosanna revealed that she and Johnny welcomed a daughter named Clara Rose. “The girl is here,” she wrote via Instagram alongside photos of her daughter.

While Rosanna is keeping a low profile and her social media is currently set to private, the couple seems to be going strong. “Taken by the best,” she wrote on her Instagram bio, apparently referencing Johnny. “LIFE [TOO ]BRIEF TO BE ANYTHING BUT HAPPY.”

What happens in the ‘Return to Amish’ season 7 trailer?

In the trailer for season 7 of go back to the amish, Rosanna explained that Johnny wanted her to stay in their Amish community. However, she admitted that “there are still many things” that she wants to experience in the English world.

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“I just hope that she is willing to stay Amish for me,” he said in a confessional.

As clips of the stars living in Florida followed, Johnny added that the Amish “don’t want us to see the outside world” and “don’t want us to taste it.”

Later in the trailer, Rosanna’s brother, Ray MillerHe expressed his concern when he found her and Johnny alone in a room together.

Where is 'Return to Amish' star Rosanna Miller now?  Updates on her life today

“I don’t want to ruin his reputation,” Ray said of his sister in a confessional before telling Johnny that he “doesn’t love” Rosanna.

The clip concluded with Ray and Johnny in a shouting match over his relationship with Rosanna.

When does the seventh season of ‘Return to Amish’ premiere?

The last season of go back to the amish premieres on TLC on Tuesday, March 14 at 10 p.m. ET.

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