Where Is Jenelle Evans’ Ex Andrew Lewis Now? 

Teenage mother alum Jenelle Evans shares her son Jace with her ex-boyfriend from high school, andres lewiswho has avoided public attention since they broke up in August 2009. However, he later appeared in an episode of teen mom 2 after contacting one of the show’s executive producers to meet with Jenelle and Jace. So where has he been since they broke up?

Read on for an update on where Andrew is today.

Jenelle said that Andrew was a controlling boyfriend.

He teen mom 2 The personality and her ex’s two-year romance began in high school when they first met online, as Jenelle noted in her July 2017 memoir. Reading between the lines: from the diary of a teenage mother. They dated from 2007 to 2009 when he left her after Jace was born in August.

“We met online and talked through messages for a couple of weeks,” the MTV star recalled in her book. “Right after my birthday in December, we finally met in person.” She then explained how “in love” she was with him to the point where she didn’t give a second thought to her drinking habits or their six-year age difference.

“Drank, a lot,” Jenelle wrote. “I mean, I like a beer once in a while, but he stayed drunk most of the time. At 16, I thought that was cool. He drank more than he should, and I thought he was so grown up and fascinating.”

In addition to Andrew’s drinking choices, Jenelle also described one of the major downsides to their relationship, noting that she “became a doormat to the guy.”

“He came and got what he wanted from me, when I wanted it, and I waited for him to tell me what to do,” the “Jenelle Evans Podcast” host added in her memoir. “We had to talk when he wanted to talk, no matter the odd hours. We had to go out when he wanted to go out. We did what he wanted to do.”

And when Jenelle told Andrew about her pregnancy, she claimed that he “put on a smile to make [her] happy.”

“However, deep inside I could sense that he was not interested in having a child,” she wrote. “I knew then that he would not stay. And he didn’t.

Andrew Lewis and Jenelle Evans pregnant

Andrew moved in while Jenelle was pregnant

In Jenelle’s 2017 memoir, she recalled how her then high school sweetheart would only “visit [her] a couple of times” throughout her pregnancy journey in 16 and pregnant.

“He was more interested in partying with his friends and getting drunk than spending time with his pregnant girlfriend,” Jenelle claimed in her book. “Not to mention that he was a stockbroker and he didn’t have a job. What the hell did I see in him?

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As their relationship came to an end, Andrew broke up with Jenelle to start modeling in China, as he claimed at the time.

Andrew is not present in Jace’s life

After Jace’s birth and the couple’s separation, Andrew has only seen his son on rare occasions, which Jenelle also mentions in her book.

“He never comes to see his son, although he still calls and says he wants to,” she wrote in her memoirs. “It just never happens… He gave up custody of him and I don’t know if he’s ever going to be in his son’s life again.”

Andrew later tried to get back into Jace’s life. He was mentioned in a teen mom 2 episode, which aired in January 2019, for texting an executive producer, asking if he could meet Jace and Jenelle in New York City. And in December 2020, rumors spread that Jenelle had been hooking up with her ex, which she vehemently denied in a since-deleted tweet.

“She’s rumored to be hanging out with Jace’s dad,” one fan wrote via Twitter that month, to which Jenelle replied, “Lmfaoooo uhm [sic] …no one has spoken to Andrew in years. Nice try.”

A year later, Jenelle apparently insulted her ex in a TikTok video by lip-syncing to Queen Key’s song “Take Yo Man.” She later agreed with a fan’s comment below the clip that called him the “weirdest” out of all of her other exes.

“Probably is though, no lie,” Jenelle wrote.

In March 2023, Jenelle was awarded full custody of Jace after he spent over a decade in her mother’s care, telling her us weekly that she and mom Barbara Evans “we decided together”.

“We want to rebuild our relationship as mother and daughter,” the former MTV personality said on March 18, 2023. “My mother agrees that it is time for Jace to return to his siblings and live with a mother and father. She also thinks it’s important for Jace to be around a father figure to learn ‘boy stuff’ and get ‘men to talk.’

Andrew lives in New York City.

Once Andrew went off the radar of the Teenage mother franchise, he kept his personal life to himself. However, it was revealed that he lived in New York City, calling it the “greatest city in the world”, in a 2017 teen mom 2 special titled, “Jenelle Evans: The Ex Files.”

Is Andrew on social media?

Although most of the Teenage mother dads and former stars have verified social media accounts, it doesn’t appear Andrew has a public Instagram or Twitter for fans to keep up with.

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