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Looking back. breaking amish followed a group of Amish youth exploring life outside of the community in which they grew up. The series, which aired on TLC from 2012 to 2014, documented the cast as they were finally forced to decide if they wanted to live in the English world. or return home to your Amish lifestyle.

While breaking amish Only aired for four seasons, several cast members continued their reality careers by starring in the spin-off, go back to the amish.

Season 7 premiered in March 2023 and featured returning cast members rosana miller, johnny detweiler, Jeremiah Raber, Carmela Rabber (née Mendez) and Sabrina Burkholder.

Meanwhile, the latest season also introduced a handful of new stars, including Kenneth Detweiler, Fanny Schmucker and daniel miller.

While many of the cast members have continued to appear in go back to the amish over multiple seasons, viewers likely can’t help but wonder what happened to former stars who left their reality TV careers in the past.

For example, abe schmucker and cardigan schmucker captured viewers’ attention when they met and fell in love during Season 1 of Breaking Amish. After getting married at the end of season 1, the couple returned to the franchise to star in go back to the amish in 2017.

Additionally, several members of Abe’s family, including his mother, father, brother, and sister, joined the main cast of the spin-off.

However, Rebecca announced that they left the show after four seasons. “Announcement! We made the decision to no longer participate in go back to the amish”, he wrote via Twitter at the time. “It has been a long road to come to this decision as a family and move on to things that make us happy and [bring] closer to where we want to be. We are living our best life!! PS I got my GED!

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Fortunately for viewers, Rebecca is active on social media and has shared rare glimpses into her life with Abe and their daughters Malika and Kayla.

Abe and Rebecca aren’t the only stars to have left the franchise, with fan favorites. Mary Schmucker and kate stoltz also distancing himself from the TLC show. While some of the stars from the past keep fans up to date on social media, others are not active online due to their Amish lifestyle.

Keep scrolling to see what the ancient stars of breaking amish and go back to the amish they are up to date.

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