What ‘LPBW’ Alum Does for a Living

Fans were first introduced to jacob roloff‘wife, isabel rockin Little people, big world. Although they left the long duration FTA series in 2016 to live life out of the spotlight, fans have kept up with the artistic couple over the years. Now that she is no longer on reality shows, what does Isabel do? Read on for details about his work.

What is Isabel Rock’s job?

Isabel is an artist, writer, photographer and mom. According to their website, rock and rolloffShe is also certified in feng shui and offers home design services.

“Using and honoring the ancient practice of feng shui, intuition and love for designing cozy spacesI want to help others create the environments of their dreams,” he wrote in part. “If you are feeling stuck in a particular area of ​​your life, want to move on with your career, hoping to improve your relationships, desperate to get rid of the clutter in your home, or just want to add some fresh energy, I would recommend Be an honor to help guide him.”

Isabel Rock appeared in ‘Little People, Big World’

Elizabeth appeared in LPBW as Jacob’s then-girlfriend and although they are no longer on the beloved TLC series, she was seen working at Roloff Farms in October 2021.

jacob isabel
Courtesy of Isabel Rock/Instagram

Isabel Rock Slammed claims she makes money with Son Mateo

previous LPBW personality criticized a fan who claimed she gets paid for “data” about her son Mateo after Isabel published a personal essay on his birth story. she and jacob welcomed his only son in December 2021.

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“I don’t have to share, but I have decided and this is what I am most comfortable with… I am not exploiting myself in any way by sharing his birth story,” he wrote on his Instagram story in March 2023, and later added. , “No ‘facts’ about Matthew will be revealed other than Why did she have to have a hospital birth?.”

He then followed up with another strongly worded message: “Anyone who tries to accuse me of ‘making money off Mateo’ is just trying to make drama out of nothing… A lot of people write about their births in the memoirs they write, what is different here? Absolutely nothing.”

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