What Is Halsey Net Worth? How the Singer Makes Money

Singer Halsey break up with her boyfriend alev aydin and is seeking physical joint custody of their son, Ender, according to court documents obtained by In contact. The “Without Me” singer also requested in the filing that she and her ex split financial responsibilities for her son, which could possibly affect the singer’s net worth. Read on to find out Halsey’s net worth and how they make money.

What is Halsey’s net worth?

The New Jersey native has an estimated net worth of $25 million as of 2023, according to Celebrity Net Worth.

How does Halsey make money?

Halsey has earned a massive income from her successful music career. They released their debut album Badlands in 2015, which went platinum twice, showing just a glimpse into the pop star’s massive career.

However, Halsey reached a whole different level of stardom after they co-wrote and sang the 2016 anthem “Closer” with DJ duo The Chainsmokers.

Halsey opened up about the journey of writing Favorite Club Song during a May 2017 interview with The Huffington Postamazed that the idea of ​​a “fun festival song” became such a hit.

Halsey at the AMAs on stage

“Two months later [‘Closer’] comes out, we’re shooting the music video and they’re like, ‘The record just went platinum. And I’m like, ‘What the hell?’ You know what I mean? In fact, honestly, it must have been a couple of weeks, not even two months. I was like, ‘What have we done?’ Halsey gushed at that point. “And records kept coming, and we kept breaking these Billboard stats, and people started to love the song; people started to hate the song, to hate the song. I’ve never had such a popular song before, so I didn’t know what it was like to have such a strong negative opinion, you know? But he taught me to withdraw and step back a little bit, and not let people’s opinions matter because people, whether they like it or not, you can’t get away from that.”

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Halsey has since released three albums; Hopeless Fountain Kingdom (2017), maniac (2020) and If I can’t have love, I want power (2021) and was nominated for three Grammy Awards.

Does Halsey give money to philanthropy?

In addition to her Hollywood fame and celebrity lifestyle, Halsey has been known to give back to causes and organizations.

In fact, the “You Should Be Sad” artist donated a generous amount of cash to Planned Parenthood after they gave online fans five hours to “like” their songs. cheep. Halsey said they would donate the number of likes they got to the nonprofit.

“In my last tweet I pledged to donate $1 per RT up to $100,000 to @PPact and you guys did it! $100,000! Thanks for sharing and supporting,” Halsey tweeted in January 2017.

When did Halsey and Alev Aydin break up?

It is unknown when the former couple decided to separate after more than two years together. However, Halsey sent a subpoena for the court filing in April 2023, In contact confirmed at the time.

The “Bad at Love” singer filed the documents shortly after their split when they posted a Valentine’s Day post via Instagram dedicated to Alev just a month earlier.

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