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Geoffrey Pascual He is best known for starring 90 day fiancealthough he was previously self-employed before being sentenced to serve 18 years in prison. Keep scrolling to discover her job, how she makes money, her net worth, and more.

What was ’90 Day Fiancé’ star Geoffrey Paschel’s job?

Ahead of his prison sentence in February 2022, the former reality star opened up about what he does for a living while participating in a Q&A through his Instagram Stories in 2020, sharing that he rebuilds and restores houses before renting them out to tenants.

“I learned very early in my life that a 9-to-5 position with 2 weeks off each year was definitely not my calling,” Paschel said of his job.

He then said that he is a leader and prefers to “make my own schedule, be in charge of my work responsibilities and see my physical accomplishments at the end of the day.”

Paschel added that being self-employed is “nice and liberating”. He told fans of him: “My job requires me to imagine the best design while rebuilding a kitchen or figuring out where to place the entrance to a room to make it more functional.”

his fiancee, varya malinahe has since taken office in the midst of Paschel’s prison sentence.

What else does ’90 Day Fiancé’ star Geoffrey Paschel do for a living?

The Tennessee native made his television debut during season 4 of 90 Day Fiancé: Before 90 Days. At that time, viewers saw him enter into a relationship with his then-girlfriend, Varya. They got engaged at the end of the season and have kept most of their relationship out of the spotlight.

Paschel earned money for appearing on the show, although his exact salary has not been confirmed. However, online radar previously reported that FTA pay your American cast members between $1,000 and $1,500 per episode.

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Additionally, the former TV personality has a history of working as an actor. He has appeared on TV shows like Homicide Hunter, Murder Calls, Snapped: Killer Couples, Fatal Attraction, and Snapped. Meanwhile, he has also appeared in several short films including Crossword, Mute, and Vote.

Paschel also earned extra money by shooting fan videos on Cameo.

What is the net worth of ’90 Day Fiancé’ star Geoffrey Paschel?

Despite being a public figure, Paschel’s net worth has not been confirmed.

Why is ’90 Day Fiancé’ star Geoffrey Paschel serving time in prison?

In June 2019, Paschel’s ex-fiancée, kristen wilsontold authorities that he had assaulted her.

“When they arrived, the victim told officers that Paschel had assaulted her in her home,” read a statement from the Knox County District Attorney’s Office describing her case. “Paschel grabbed the victim by her neck and smashed her head against the wall multiple times. They also threw her to the ground and dragged her.”

Additionally, the district attorney’s office claimed that “Paschel took the victim’s cell phone” and prevented him from leaving the resident. He was finally able to leave when Paschel fell asleep.

90 Day Fiance's Geoffrey Paschel Was His Own Boss: Find Out His Job Before His Prison Sentence
Courtesy of Geoffrey Paschel/Instagram

Responding officers “noted a large raised bruise on the victim’s forehead along with bruises and abrasions on her back, arms, and the inside of her lip. He was also diagnosed with a concussion.”

During the October 2021 trial, Paschel testified that Kristen’s bruises were self-inflicted. After a two-day trial, he was found guilty on all counts and jailed. until his sentencing in February 2022. During the sentencing hearing, Paschel learned that must serve 18 years in prison.

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