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TLC introduced viewers michael halterman like the love of a lifetime amy halterman (née Slaton) on the hit show, 1000 sister pounds, and they documented their life together in Dixon, Kentucky. Michael and Amy became the parents of two young children, Michael supported Amy through her weight loss surgery. and divorced, all while navigating the pressures of fame. But what does Michael do for a living? Keep scrolling to find out what he does for a living, how he makes a living, and more.

What is Michael Halterman’s job?

Although he is a fixture on the TLC show, Michael is currently unemployed. At Amy and Michael’s divorce papers obtained exclusively by In contact, the father of two is listed as “not currently employed.” Additionally, Michael’s petition for dissolution of marriage states that Amy “does not believe she is employed.”

How else does Michael Halterman make a living?

The Kentucky native worked as a mill operator at Shamrock Technologies, according to his Facebook page. It is not clear when he stopped working for the company. In addition to his presence on the TLC hit, Michael has a Cameo account and has offered personal messages to fans for as little as $5. His Cameo is temporarily unavailable as of posting.

What is Michael Halterman net worth?

Michael is said to have a net worth of around $500,000, according to multiple reports. His estranged wife Amy reportedly has a net worth of around $250,000, per realistic market. Though it’s unclear how much money the couple made from the hit TLC show, Business Insider reported: “For those documentary ensembles, especially if they are nobody, per episode ranges from the low end, like $1,500 per episode, to $3,000 on the high end. And then after three years of success, it can go from $7,000 to $10,000 an episode. After that, you start moving to the Kardashian level.”

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1000 Lb Sisters Michael Breaks Silence On Amy's Divorce 1

For reference, 1000.-Lb Sisters it has been on the air since January 2020.

When did Amy and Michael break up?

Michael filed for divorce in court on March 13, 2023. He listed his date of separation from Amy as February 24, 2023, and the marriage broke down irrevocably. In addition to his request that both he and Amy attend a case management conference, Michael requested that the court issue and honor a civil restraining order, ensuring that neither he nor his estranged wife are within 500 feet of each other. of the other or of their respective properties. In addition, he asked the court to ensure that no public statements or social media posts are made about the divorce and that any communication between him and Amy must be done through a court-approved application.

In addition, he petitioned the court for temporary joint custody of his two children that he shared with Amy, Gage, 2, and Glenn, 8 months.

Fans noticed things were going badly between Michael and Amy after the mother-of-two reportedly moved out of the couple’s Kentucky home with her two children, according to Sun. According to reports, she moved in with her sister, Tammy, who lived in a house that previously belonged to the family.

Michael’s request came after Amy reportedly filed an emergency protection order against her husband on February 28, following an alleged fight between them that turned violent. The outlet also reported that the protection order was modified on March 8, allowing Michael to have supervised visitation with his children while he is accompanied by his mother and his sister.

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