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90 Day Fiancé: To the Other Side star oussama He is an artist at heart, but what does he do? Read on to find out more about Oussama’s work, what he does in Morocco and more.

What is ’90 Day Fiancé’ star Oussama’s job?

Oussama is 24 years old and currently lives in Khemisset, Morocco.

“My family has a farm, it is small with about three cows, about 13 chickens and a donkey. [sic]”, explained the TLC personality during his debut on the March 5, 2023 episode. “I like working on the farm because you know, it’s just you, the animals and your father. And the silence too.

The self-described “loner” has no other job, as he said, “Hard work can kill creations.”

“Within me there is a writer, a painter and a poet,” he told the producers. “All my art and all my works are about sadness, melancholy, misery, I mean, all things can hurt humans. I know that there is a madness inside of me, I show it in my poetry and in my painting. [sic]”

How does 90 Day Fiance’s Debbie respond to Oussama’s ‘crazy’?

After the Moroccan native explained his “madness”, his fiancée, Debbiehe later clarified that the term has “become a kind of catchphrase.”

“Yes, many times he has mentioned that he has some kind of madness and then he even says to me: ‘Debbie, you have madness,'” he explained in a conversation with Eastern Time in March 2023. “But I understood that he was kind of a lone wolf in his community and he didn’t have what we have: avenues to explore your talents and a place to go and talk to people.”

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A painter and a poet!  How 90 Day Fiances Oussama makes money living in Morocco 1

He added that it is about “supporting artists and people who have been trampled on by society.”

“They don’t have therapy there, and if they did, they would probably kick you out of town for trying to get therapy,” he said. 90 Day Fiancé: To the Other Side continued the star. “People can be very vicious and it’s as if he wanted Oussama to flourish as a person because he had been depressed.”

How else does 90 Day Fiance’s Oussama make a living?

Oussama receives a paycheck for appearing on the 90 day fiance franchise.

While international cast members don’t normally receive compensation for work permit reasons, it’s “different if the filming takes place in their country,” according to online radar.

Pay works on a sliding scale, and for reference, the network reportedly compensates its American cast members $1,000 to $1,500 per episode.

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