VPR’s Tom, Raquel Had Sex in a Car After Ariana’s Dog Died

A low blow. Vander Pump Rules star ariana madix revealed that her ex-boyfriend Thomas Sandoval and co-star Rachel Leviss had sex in a car shortly after Ariana’s dog Charlotte died.

In a new sneak peek of the upcoming finale episode, Ariana, 37, explained how she found out the 39-year-old Schwartz & Sandy co-owner was cheating on her with the 28-year-old former Miss Sonoma County.

“So, I went with Tom to Tom-Tom because he had this party,” Ariana began, while speaking to the co-stars. Scheana Shay and katie maloney. “I found a screen recording of them on FaceTime. It was literally from the night before. he was in [Tom] schwarz‘s.”

After Katie, 36, and Scheana, 38, expressed their utter shock at the revelation, the buy back my daughter The actress revealed an even more treacherous detail.

“That’s when I called Raquel, and I started making her king say to me, like, ‘What the hell? When did this start?’” Ariana recalled. “She said, ‘Right after the girls’ trip.’ I’m like, ‘You mean right after [my dog] Charlotte died? So, she said they kissed.”

Tom Sandoval from Vanderpump Rules says he's the person
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Despite the California native’s insistence that she and Tom only kissed, Ariana found out what her ex-boyfriend told her.

“Well, later that night when we were here, I pushed Tom and he said, well, they actually fucked in his car that night,” the woman said. college humor said the alum. “And I didn’t have a key to get in, so he had to ring the doorbell and I had to let him in.”

Towards the end of the preview, Ariana recalled that his “emotions were clearly all over the place,” noting that the Tom Sandoval & The Most Extras singer “was mad at [her].”

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The highly anticipated season 10 finale will air on Bravo on Wednesday, May 17 at 9 p.m.

On March 3, In contact confirmed that Tom and Ariana broke up after dating for nine years because he was dating Raquel. Since then, more details have emerged about the bomb dubbed “Scandoval.”

In addition to having sex in the car, Tom and Raquel also had sex in their shared house with Ariana in Valley Village, California. During season 10, it was revealed that Raquel had spent the night at her house while Ariana went to Florida to attend her grandmother’s funeral.

“Ariana hates the idea of ​​Tom and Raquel connecting in multiple rooms,” a source said exclusively. Lifestyle on May 8. “Her house had great memories, she loved living there, but he and Raquel ruined that for her.”

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