Victoria Justice Slams Ariana Grande Rumors

Setting the record straight! victoria justice shut down the rumors that he had a fight with Ariana Grande during his Nickelodeon days. Read on for all of the above. Victorious Alumni have spoken about their alleged feud.

What has Victoria Justice said about Ariana Grande Feud?

“All that drama, whatever, all that stuff is so silly,” Victoria said during a March 2021 episode of the “Chicks in the Office” podcast. “A lot of it really came from, like, the media, like fanning those flames and then just people online, fanning those flames and turning it into this big crazy thing.”

He Zoey 101 the star also said that she and her ex Victorious the cast members “are all very supportive” of one another. “It’s amazing,” Victoria said. “I love Ariana, and she’s killing it right now. And she has been very supportive of me and my music. And you know, we text. She’s pretty cool. So everything is fine.”

In addition to that, Victoria reacted to their alleged enmity during an interview that AND! News posted via Instagram in April 2023.

“We both said, ‘This is so stupid,’” said the fun size the actress said upon first hearing the rivalry rumors nearly a decade ago. Victoria explained that at the time, Ariana texted her and they both criticized the “narrative that was created that” they were “not friends” with each other.

“I feel like it’s this constant story of the media and people wanting to pit people against each other and it’s not even relevant right now,” he added. “This is so dumb… This is so stupid.”

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Victoria and the “Break Free” singer, 27, played Tori Vega and Cat Valentine, respectively, on the Nickelodeon series. Victorious, which aired for four seasons on the network from March 2010 to February 2013. Rumors that there was a breakup between the former co-stars began to surface in 2013, after news broke that the favorite series of fans fans was coming to an end. For years, fans were convinced that the show was forced to air its final episode because there was bad blood between Victoria and Ariana behind the scenes.

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What has Ariana Grande said about the dispute?

When Ariana did an interview with seventeen magazine in June 2013 and talked about a breakup with a former co-star, fans thought he was talking about Victoria. “My years filming Victorious they were some of the HAPPIEST of my life and that cast is familiar to me,” the Florida native said in a statement following rumors of rampant feuding. “The stories I shared with Seventeen they actually reflected a different work experience. Please don’t send hate to anyone, it’s undeserved and I would never want that.”

Later, in an interview with TMZ since January 2015, the “Freak the Freak Out” musician has acknowledged the rumored feud between her and Ariana. “We’re not the best of friends with her, but at the end of the day I wish her the best and she’s doing really well, and I’m happy for her,” Victoria said.

During her interview on the “Chicks in the Office” podcast, Victoria also said that it’s “a bit frustrating to see how people love to pit women against each other,” referring to feud rumors. “But I think at the end of the day, it’s about us supporting each other and building each other up,” she said. Trust added the actress. “But it’s all good honestly. You know, there will always be enemies, and that’s okay. It just is what it is. It comes with the territory.”

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