Travis and Jason Kelce Parents: Super Bowl Family Guide

It takes a great mom and dad to produce not one but two NFL superstars. Tight end for the Kansas City Chiefs travis kelce and center for the Philadelphia Eagles jason kelce they will go head-to-head in Super Bowl LVII, marking the first time the brothers will meet in the biggest game in the NFL. His parents, Donna and ed kelceyou’ve done a lot to help your kids get to this level, so Read on to learn more about the amazing parents of Travis and Jason..

Where did Donna and Ed raise Travis and Jason?

The couple supported their sons’ love of soccer, as they both played the sport at Cleveland Heights High School in Ohio. Jason was the firstborn, entering the world on November 5, 1987, when the family lived in Greenville, North Carolina. When Donna gave birth to Travis the On October 5, 1989, the family lived in suburban Cleveland, where Ed worked as a sales representative in the steel industry. The brothers each went on to play college football for the University of Cincinnati before being drafted by the NFL.

How have Donna and Ed Kelce supported their children’s soccer careers?

Donna has become known as an NFL supermom for her dedication to watching her two sons play in person. On January 16, 2022, Jason and Travis were playing NFL Wild Card games on opposite sides of the country. Donna started the evening by watching Jason’s playoff game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in Florida, then she jumped on a jet to Kansas City, where she watched Travis and the Chiefs defeat the Pittsburgh Steelers in the night game. That’s a total of 1,200 miles in one day!

Both Donna and Ed have seen their children win Super Bowls in person. They were in the stands in Minneapolis, Minnesota, for Super Bowl LII when Jason and the Eagles scored a huge upset over the New England Patriots in 2018. The soccer-loving parents were also on hand in Miami two years later when Travis and the Chiefs beat the San Francisco 49ers at Super Bowl LIV.

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Travis, Jason Kelce Parents
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Which son are Ed and Donna Kelce rooting for in Super Bowl LVII?

Your mother is not choosing sides. During an appearance on February 1, 2023 on NBC TodayDonna said she’ll cheer on “the offense” and “every time someone has a ball.” She added: “Both fanbases are absolutely amazing; just give everything they’ve got on game day.”

However, one of her sons thinks she might play favorites. “I think Jason would say I’m going to support the baby of the family, which is Travis, and I keep trying to tell him, ‘No, you’ve given me grandchildren.’ So, we’ll just leave it at that,” Donna joked.

Jason and his wife kylie have two daughters. Wyatt Elizabeth was born on October 2, 2019, while Elliotte Ray was born in March 2021. Kylie will be 38 weeks pregnant with the couple’s third child on February 12, when the Super Bowl takes place in Glendale, Arizona. . She’ll even bring her OB to the game in case she goes into labor in the stands while her husband wrestles on the field.

Ed and Donna appeared on the brothers’ “New Heights” podcast on February 6, and Travis asked his dad which of his kids he planned to talk to first after the game ended. “Probably the loser… Someone is going to feel really bad and I want to be with him, initially,” Ed replied. But his mother planned to be with a son, win or lose.

“I’ll be on the field for you, Travis. Jason will have his family in the field. So, no, I won’t be on the field for Jason,” Donna said.

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