Teen Mom’s Ryan Edwards Hospitalized, Arrested After Overdose

Teenage mother alum ryan edwards was rushed to the hospital and arrested after overdosing on drugs while driving his truck on Friday April 7, In contact You can confirm.

Ryan, 35, was reportedly found “unresponsive and unconscious” in the driver’s seat of his truck by police at 12:06 a.m., according to an arrest affidavit obtained by In contact.

After the MTV alum’s van hit a curb and came to a stop, officers used a lockout kit to pry open the car door.

“Ryan Edwards was removed from the vehicle and placed in [an ambulance], where he received Narcan and eventually regained consciousness,” the affidavit reads. “A quick search of Ryan Edwards by EMS turned up one small bag of what appeared to be a crystal type substance and a second small bag of what appeared to be a blue powder. Also in the pocket was a paper receipt that had been rolled up.”

It is currently unclear what the blue powder found in Ryan’s car was.

He 16 and pregnant Alum was taken to a nearby hospital where he reportedly refused to take a blood test. However, he reportedly told officers that he “snorted some dust before waking up in the back of an ambulance.”

Once he was released from the hospital, Ryan, who has a long history of drug abuse, was arrested and charged with DUI and simple possession, according to arrest records seen by In contact. He is currently in jail without bail while he is scheduled to appear in court on Thursday, April 20.

Ryan’s latest arrest comes after In contact confirmed that their charges from its February 10 and March 1 arrests they were fallen when he appeared in court on March 14. During the hearing, the judge gary barnes dismissed multiple charges against the former reality star, including harassment, possession of drug paraphernalia and violation of a protective order.

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In addition, the judge said that Ryan’s charge for possession of a controlled substance will be dismissed if he completes six months in rehab.

Ryan Edwards mugshot
Courtesy of the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office

The decision was revealed after the father of three children pleaded guilty to stalking after his estranged wife, mackenzie edwards (née Standifer), filed charges in February. He agreed to wear a GPS monitor, go to rehab, have no contact with Mackenzie, 26, have no social media related to his wife and “complete HCP Level 2 for 11 months and 29 days” unless undergoing treatment, according to the records. seen by In contact.

However, In contact confirmed that Ryan was arrested on April 7 by Chattanooga State Police for violating his probation by harassing Mackenzie.

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