Teen Mom’s Chelsea Houska on Daughter Getting Piercings

Mothers know what’s best! teen mom 2 alum chelsea deboer (née Houska) reveals why she won’t let her eldest daughter, Aubree Skye Lind-Deboer, get facial piercings during an exclusive video interview with In contact.

“If I let her, she’d get her septum pierced and stuff, which I’m not opposed to,” says the 31-year-old reality star while promoting the rebrand of her home décor line, Aubree Says. “Like, I have piercings, and I had piercings, but I feel like 13 is a little young.”

As for when her 13-year-old son will be allowed to get more piercings, Chelsea elaborates: “I say, ‘Wait until you’re 16, and then we can reassess. So, the facial piercings: I’m like, ‘That has to wait. But she can do her ears and stuff. [Septum piercing is] the only thing I think she wanted, and I was like, ‘You have to wait.’

The mother of four, who also shares children Walker, Watson and Layne with her husband. cole deboer — admits that her teenage daughter “gets so angry with [her mom] sometimes” when drawing the line with certain fashion statements. However, the proud mom lets her teen express herself in other ways, even giving her take on Aubree Says. The line initially launched in 2020, but will be relaunching the new collection of it soon.

Is growing fast!  Chelsea Houska's First Daughter Aubree Lind-DeBoer's Transformation
Courtesy of Chelsea DeBoer/TikTok

“I’m always asking [my family’s] entrance, especially Aubree and Cole, “the fabulous at home personality springs forth when it comes to the involvement of her children and her husband in the development of her brand. “I love that they are incorporated. I love that they are part of the images and so on, and I value their opinion.”

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Aubree is also intrigued by her parents’ home design skills, as the MTV alum notes that she is “seeing an interest” in Aubree.

“I think we’re going to be filming for season 2 [of Down Home Fab] a lot in the summer, and she wants to be a part of that,” Chelsea explains. “She has said that several times. She is so creative and artistic. I could definitely see her really getting into this. So it will be fun to incorporate her as she grows into our projects and more from Aubree Says.”

Aubree may still be young, but her mom is confident in what she can bring to the table, describing her style as “cool.”

“I’m always like, ‘Aubrey, do you think this is cool?’ like, with everything in every area of ​​life because if she thinks it’s great, I’m like, ‘OK, it’s great. Because I’m getting older and she’s young and cool,” says the HGTV personality, adding that this kind of teamwork was “the idea behind Aubree Says.”

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