Teen Mom OG’s Farrah Abraham’s Daughter Sophia Today: Photos

They grow so fast! teen mom and alum Farrah Avraham’Sophia Abraham’s daughter has matured beautifully over the years since her mother first welcomed her in February 2009, as her pregnancy was documented on season 1 of 16 and pregnant.

Sophia, whom Farrah shares with her late boyfriend Derek Underwood, is now a fashionable young lady who likes to show off how much she’s grown on social media. previous Teenage mother The star gives you some leeway from time to time when it comes to styling options.

The teen likes to show off her stunning purple hair color on her Instagram page from time to time, like when she attended a wedding as a flower girl in February 2022. Not only that, but Sophia even received a septum piercing for her 13th birthday earlier that month, which she proudly showed off in an Instagram video on February 23 of that year

“I got a septum piercing for my birthday!!” Sofia wrote. “I’m so happy with how it turned out!

Her reality TV mom then praised her daughter in the comments section, writing: “SOPHIA THE FIRST. The first 13 year old in the family to get a septum piercing! Birthday wish come true! Happy memories! I love you! Epic 13!”

While the spunky teen was happy with her new jewelry, Farrah faced criticism for allowing her daughter to get a piercing. But the Nebraska native didn’t let the trolls bother her, as she quickly defended herself in an interview with TMZ four days later.

“For those who may feel it’s inappropriate for my daughter to have a professional nose job done, legally, I’m interested in being legal,” Farrah explained on February 27 of that year. “We comply with the law. I’m doing everything I can as a parent to make sure she’s healthy and happy, and I covered those bases.”

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He then congratulated his daughter and wished her “the best in her adolescence.”

“And if she wants to get more piercings, more power to her,” Farrah added. “If she doesn’t, that’s awesome too…I don’t know if I’ll ever go for a tattoo, but I’m happy to support her on her birthday.”

Unfortunately, this wasn’t the first time Farrah has faced criticism for her parenting choices. In August 2020, she was criticized by several social media followers for including then-preteen Sophia in a skincare regimen video and allowing her to have long, manicured nails. However the my teenage dream ended author stood firm.

“Allowing Sophia to be creative in her art and discover beauty is nothing to be ashamed of,” she exclusively said. In contact that month.

Farrah continues to encourage her daughter to express herself however she wants. The teen received several new facial piercings in February 2023, a video of which her mother shared via TikTok.

Scroll through the gallery to see photos of Sophia over the years.

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