Super Bowl 2023 Commercials: Watch Best Celebrity Ads

It’s game time! Every year, the Super Bowl attracts millions of viewers around the world. 2023 seems to be no different with the Philadelphia Eagles against the Kansas City Chiefs. Due to the game’s high viewership, the ads between plays are some of the most anticipated of the year, with some fans claiming they only watch the NFL championship game for the commercials.

Companies pay a premium for ad space during the big game, with brands dishing out $7 million for a 30-second slot for the February 2023 showdown. While some big-name companies like Budweiser and Doritos have become a staple each year, others have opted not to purchase Super Bowl ads due to the high cost.

Despite the high price of a half-minute of airtime, that hasn’t stopped some brands from shelling out millions more to produce movie-grade commercials, and some even hired some of the biggest names in Hollywood to star in their ads.

Top Gun: Maverick star mileage counter and his wife, Keleigh Cashier (née Sperry), joined forces with Bud Light for an ad for this year’s event.

Miles, who turned heads with his shirtless dance moves in the 2022 smash hit, and Keleigh somehow make being on hold fun as they dance around their living room to elevator music in the 60-second clip. .

“Estimated standby time is now less than 96 minutes,” the phone recording said as Keleigh balanced the phone on her forehead. He Lash Star grabbed two cold Bud Light from the fridge and started dancing with his wife in the living room to the tunes on hold.

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Miles, who married Keleigh in September 2019, said in a press release that he “couldn’t be more excited to partner with Bud Light for [his] Super Bowl Commercial Debut.”

“I loved the fact that Bud Light wanted to create something authentic to the feeling and tone of our real relationship,” he added.

Actress Alice Silverstone also takes center stage in a 2023 Super Bowl ad. clueless The star reprises her iconic role as Cher from the 1995 film for Rakuten.

“The best buyer in the world returns for the commercial of the great Rakuten game,” the company said as they released a teaser clip ahead of the game. In the clip, Alicia, wearing her famous yellow plaid skirt from the movie, walked into a classroom with two shopping bags.

“Don’t bother,” he said as he placed the bags on the teacher’s desk. “Your girl is back.”

“Rakuten came to me with this idea, and I thought it was really clever,” said the valley girl the actress told him Variety before the release of the ad. “When I think about Cher and how she is the most storied shopaholic in movie history, the idea that she could use this app is the biggest gimmick there ever was, getting you cash back on all your purchases. I feel like she would want everyone to know.”

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