Sumner Stroh on Adam Levine Cheating Scandal, New Song

Sumner Stroh think about it and Adam Levinethe cheating scandal seven months later in an exclusive interview with In contacthighlighting her new song, “Love to Hate.”

“My life changed overnight and that was terrifying,” says Sumner, 23, exclusively. In contact about revealing their affair in a TikTok video in September 2022. “It was hard to even try and plan anything to recover from this.”

After her friend tried to sell screenshots she shared with Adam, 44, during their year-long affair, Sumner took to TikTok to share her side of the story. At the time, she claimed that she felt “exploited” and “manipulated” by the Maroon 5 lead singer, who is currently married to Behati Prinsloo.

while talking to In contactSumner reveals why now feels like the right time to release the single, as the lyrics address how he felt during the incident and its aftermath.

He adds that he hopes to overcome the situation. “They got me into this and I think I want to move on,” shares the singer. “I just wanted to talk about the criticism I faced. I think instead of dwelling on the past, I want to move forward and create change for other people to create a better future for women in general.”

Sumner also talks about what he hopes his critics take away from his debut single. “This cancel culture problem is so rampant that people indulge in it to save his reputation,” he says. “And rather than perpetuate that, he wanted to inspire women in general and just make the case that the patriarchy has crept in and infiltrated even the strongest of us.”

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As a musician, she plans to “stay true to herself at the end of the day” and shares that she was “inspired” by the hate she received to write “Love to Hate.”

“Thank you to the trolls who tried to take me down, take down a stranger, because I feel like now I’m living my destiny and I learned a lot about myself and I’ve grown a lot,” she says. “I realized how strong I am, which was amazing because I hit an all-time low and that’s why I wrote music. This was my creative expression to process.”

In addition to talking about his new single, Sumner teases his plans to release new music, saying it’s “just a matter of time” until he drops more songs.

Sumner Stroh Reflects On Adam Levine Cheating Scandal 7 Months Later: 'I Want To Move On'
Courtesy of Sumner Stroh/Instagram

After Sumner and several other women reported that they had inappropriate relationships with Adam during their marriage, he addressed the allegations in an Instagram Stories post.

“There is a lot of talk about me right now and I want to clear things up. I used poor judgment when talking to anyone other than my wife in ANY flirty way,” the “Moves Like Jagger” singer wrote on Sept. 20, 2022. “I didn’t have an affair, however I crossed the line for a period unfortunate of my life. In certain cases, it became inappropriate; I have addressed that and taken proactive steps to remedy it with my family.”

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