Stars Fired From ‘Below Deck’ Franchises: Reasons, Details

if there is one thing below deck Franchise fans have come to know that working aboard a super yacht is a high-stress, high-pressure environment filled with 15+ hour days. For some cast members over the years, the job proved too overwhelming, while for others, being stuck aboard a ship with co-workers they didn’t get along with was their undoing.

The most controversial firing in the show’s history didn’t fit into any of those categories. hannah ferrerwho was he Below Med Deck Head stewardess from seasons 1 to 5, she was fired for having prescription valium on board the yacht. She didn’t find out until she had a panic attack and her bunkmate, bosun malia whitehe realized that Hannah was in possession of anxiety medication.

Malia cited “maritime rules” for the need to document Hannah’s valium and a CBD vape and sent the photo to the Captain sand yawn. Because Hannah had not “declared” the valium among her items before the rental season began, it was deemed illegal, with Sandy controversially telling Hannah multiple times that she had brought “drugs” aboard her. her boat The two had butted heads in the past, but this turned out to be the captain’s chance to sever ties with the Aussie fan favourite, sacking her and replacing her with the second stew, Christine “Bugsy” Drake.

For other crew members, it was a lack of enthusiasm and a strong work ethic towards their jobs that got them into trouble. below deck season 8 sailor shane coopersmith he came aboard the yacht rather inexperienced, and when the first mate eddie lucas tried to teach him the responsibilities of his position, he seemed uninterested.

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Instead of cleaning the boat when other crew members were out on the beach with guests, Shane decided to go swimming and play in the water. He got in trouble for sneaking off to take a long nap in his cabin while the rest of the deck crew cleaned and scrubbed the boat. Shane also got in trouble for missing her alarm and being late for his shift.

“A lot of people underestimate the amount of work that goes into here. I don’t have time for you to catch up”, Captain. lee rosbach she told Shane as she let him go, adding: “Unfortunately, the time has come for us to part. You’re just not doing it for me.

Scroll down for the below deck stars who have been fired and the reasons why they were fired.

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