Sons Mateo and Parker Vasic

Meet the family. stacey silva she is the proud mother of two sons matthew vasic and parker town. Keep scrolling to learn about the reality star’s children, her family, and more.

How many children does Stacey Silva have?

Stacey shares her children Mateo and Parker with her ex-husband, goran vasic.

While her twin sister darcey silvathe daughters of aniko bollok and aspen appear in darcey and stacey, her cousins ​​have chosen to stay out of the spotlight. However, Mateo will make his debut on the April 10, 2023 episode of the TLC reality series.

Not much is known about Mateo and Parker, although Stacey has shared rare details about her children on social media.

“My firstborn!! You are so bright and talented!! I can’t wait for the world to see your talents!!” he wrote about Mateo in a 2019 Facebook post.[You’re] an amazing writer and i know you will be a hit for the whole world to see. Keep your eyes on the prize my angel. Mommy loves you infinitely.”

Is Stacey Silva married?

The TLC star was previously married to Goran, a retired professional soccer player from Serbia. However, not much is known about their relationship or split.

Stacey later found love with florian sukajwhom he met through Instagram.

During an August 2020 episode of Darcey & Stacey, the mother-of-two explained that their flirtation began when Florian “liked” her photos and she “liked” his back. She eventually decided to send him a private message and their relationship turned romantic.

They got married in April 2020 during a small ceremony, attended only by them and their officiant.

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Two years later, Stacey and Florian had a larger ceremony in November 2022 that included their friends and family.

Do Stacey Silva and Florian Sukaj want to have children?

Fans have seen Stacey and Florian discuss the possibility of having children together on the 90 day fiance cleave.

Proud mom!  Meet Stacey Silva's sons, Mateo and Parker, as they live a low-key lifestyle
Courtesy of Stacey Silva/Instagram

During an August 2021 episode, the couple discussed visiting a fertility specialist. “I know it’s something we talked about before, but I hope he will seriously reconsider his position,” Stacey said in a confessional, acknowledging that Florian has expressed doubts about having children in the past. “I don’t think he gets it because I’m getting older and there’s a little window of time.”

While the model said she wanted to have a “big family,” she told Stacey that they should try to conceive naturally instead of seeing a specialist.

He then expressed concern about conceiving, noting that he is 20 years older than him.

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