See Farrah Abraham’s Daughter Sophia’s Transformation: Photos

fans of the Teenage mother the franchise has seen Farrah Avrahamthe daughter ofsophia abraham, grow before your eyes.

Farrah’s pregnancy was documented in season 1 of 16 and pregnantwhile giving birth to their only child in February 2009. The reality star shares Sophia with her late boyfriend Derek Underwood, who died in a car accident while pregnant.

The mother-daughter duo stopped appearing on teen mom and in 2018, though viewers have been able to watch Sophia grow from baby to fashion-forward teen via social media.

Over the years, Farrah has been outspoken about her decision to let Sophia dress and accessorize how she wants.

In February 2023, Sophia got six new facial piercings. as her 14th birthday present. “HAPPY 14TH BIRTHDAY!” the mother of one subtitled a TikTok video of his daughter’s piercing experience. “Snake Bite & Ear Lobe Piercing Party! 6 piercings later #snakebitepiercings you match your snake can you eat the cake? [sic].”

While MTV Alum faced backlash for allowing her daughter to get so many piercings, Farrah stood by her decision while applauding her critics..

“I will not embarrass my daughter, I LOVE and support Sophia 100 percent who and what she wants to become,” she exclusively said. In contact on February 23. “The shamed of moms should recognize what some kids will grow out of and what [will not]. That’s part of a teenage journey, since I don’t have my navel pierced anymore.”

The Nebraska native also opened up about her thought process in raising a teenager. “I have all the compassion for her that I wish I had as a teenager,” Farrah added.

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Sophia and Farrah clearly have a close bond, which was made apparent in the mom’s Instagram tribute post for Sophia’s birthday.

“I LOVE MY TEEN. HAPPY 14TH BIRTHDAY @sophialabraham IT’S OFFICIAL! 02/23/2023 IS HERE,” she wrote alongside a video that featured several photos of the birthday girl. “I want to say beyond love for you, I am grateful to have you as my daughter, you have helped me recognize how to ‘reparent’, even while raising you, how to lose the ‘parental ego’ that is the ugliest thing in this world, tune in and have compassion. For this you have made my world easier to see and get over my childhood and be present / 2 feet with you!”

She continued: “I love you and I wish you the most successful life you deserve, filled with compassion, not criticism, shame, guilt or rejection for any reason. As [you’re] now relearn, re-create yourself and use all the education you have seen as 100% you in each age. I know this makes your life flourish so much more than mine: you make me proud, laugh, love and feel the heaven on earth that we should all have. I love you, Sophia, my superstar.”

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