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Roll is the only Gen-Z focused paywall platform on the App Store that gives fans the chance to view their favorite creator’s camera roll.

Our current roster of investors and talent includes big names like Strange things actor Noah Schnapprapper roddy richsocial media star Tana Mongeauworld famous DJ diploYouTuber turned entrepreneur david dobrikmodel Julia Roseinfluencer summer lightning and more.

Roll is well positioned to become the go-to paid app for social media influencers and celebrities alike. Creators upload new images and videos in seconds and deliver them to fans around the world, while maintaining a completely brand-friendly environment.

Roll brings you your favorite creator's camera roll in seconds!  Sommer Ray, Tana Mongeau and more
Courtesy of Martín Murillo/@martindepict

Sommer Ray is a strategic creator in Roll. He posts all kinds of content, from behind the scenes of her photo shoots to photos of her with her pets. Fans love to see his daily activity in real life. It’s a great showcase that people want to find new ways to look at the lives of his favorite celebrities, and he doesn’t need that to include adult content.

Fans still value creators even in a brand-friendly environment. We’re seeing more interest from existing platforms in discovering safe content for work (and Roll is leading the pack and a pioneer in that space).

“The world expects the term ‘paywall’ to be associated with adult content. Our goal is to change that narrative and showcase all the great talent that isn’t comfortable with adult content. As the paywall industry grows, Roll will continue to lead the way by sticking to our mission of being a brand-friendly platform.” Eric Zamudio, CEO of Roll. “We envision a world where there are two major players in the space: one you go to if you’re a creator comfortable with explicit content, and the other is Roll.”

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Roll brings you your favorite creator's camera roll in seconds!  Sommer Ray, Tana Mongeau and more
Courtesy of Randy Molina

Other platforms require a lot of effort from the creators, i.e. organizing photo shoots, coordinating locations, finding a photographer, a stylist, and more. With Roll, creators can monetize existing content that fans really want to see.

We are shifting to a world where there are two main trends at play: creators need more ways to monetize as their main source of revenue (brand partnerships) dries up. Fans are shunning platforms like Instagram and looking for a more authentic social media experience. Roll fits perfectly in these two trends!

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