‘RHONJ’: Luis Ruelas Businesses: Companies, Job History

Real Housewives of New Jersey star Luis “Louis” Ruelas He hasn’t been shy when it comes to talking about his business endeavors, recently making headlines when his company was sued for harassment. Keep scrolling to learn about their deals, the lawsuit, and more.

What companies has ‘RHONJ’ star Luis Ruelas founded?

Luis co-founded the Florida-based company Digital Media Solutions, Inc. in 2012, according to his LinkedIn profile.

“Digital Media Solutions (NYSE: DMS) is a leading provider of technology-enabled digital performance advertising solutions connecting consumers and advertisers within auto, home, health and life insurance, as well as a long list of top vertical consumers,” according to the website. “DMS’s first-party data asset, proprietary technology, expansive digital media reach, and data-driven processes help digital advertising clients de-risk their ad spend while expanding their customer bases. customers”.

Prior to working as Co-Founder and Executive Vice President at Digital Media Solutions, judge theresaThe husband of co-founded Interactive Marketing Solutions Interactive and served as the company’s CEO from 2000 to 2012.

“A direct response marketing company focused on the needs, wants and desires of direct response marketers,” Luis explained about the business through his LinkedIn profile. “Interactive Marketing Solutions, Inc. offers a wide range of interactive e-commerce products and services, as well as brokerage and list management solutions to a wide range of clients around the world.”

The reality star also co-founded Crystal Enterprises Inc. in 1997, though it’s unclear when the company closed or the exact business they conducted. In contact You can confirm.

Besides, In contact confirmed that Luis founded Nimatt Direct Inc., a direct mail advertising company, in 2002. Unfortunately, the effort did not last long and the company dissolved later that year.

What other business ventures has ‘RHONJ’ star Luis Ruelas pursued?

During a March 2023 episode of RHONJTeresa revealed that her brother, Joe Gorgahe considered doing business with Luis to honor Joe and Teresa’s late father.

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“So [Luis] it was like, ‘OK’. She put in $250K,” the longtime Bravo star explained. “So [Luis] spoke to our lawyer, and he [was] like, ‘Well, what percentage should I give Joey?’ I guess they came up with, I don’t know, five percent. Then my brother went crazy. As if he wanted 50 percent ”.

However, Joe claimed that Luis “fucked” him while sharing his own side of the story.

“Louie puts up the money. I figure I’m giving 50 percent to my sister; she was getting 50 percent. And then my nephew comes to my house and says: ‘Did you see that they tidied up the boxes?’ I’m like, ‘What boxes?’” Joe recalled. “He’s like, ‘Your sister had a photo shoot with her and her girls, and they called it Skinny Pizza or something.'”

Joe went on to claim that his sister asked him, “Did you put the fucking money in?” He supposedly replied: “What? You think I couldn’t put up $200,000? …It was my fucking idea!”

While both Teresa and Joe have weighed in on the situation, Luis has not publicly commented on the trade deal.

Everything We Know About RHONJ's Luis Ruelas' Business Amid His Harassment Lawsuit
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Why was ‘RHONJ’ star Luis Ruelas’ business sued for harassment?

Luis was sued for harassment by a woman named Juanita Williams in May 2023, In contact confirmed at the time.

Williams filed a lawsuit on behalf of himself and “others in similar situations” against Digital Media Solutions, alleging that the company allegedly called customers who were on a “Do Not Call” list, according to court documents obtained by In contact.

She has asked for $1,500 per phone call received, while Williams is also seeking an “injunctive relief that prohibits third parties who generate leads for Choice Health from advertising their products or services, except for emergency purposes, to any number on the National Registry.” Do not call”. in the future.”

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