‘Return to Amish’ Sabrina Burkholder Kids: Children, Family

go back to the amish star Sabrina Burkholder she’s officially a mom of six! The TLC personality shocked fans in 2023 by revealing that she welcomed baby No. 6, six months later. In contact exclusively confirmed her separation from her longtime boyfriend, Jethro Nolt. Read on for details on the Return to Amish star’s children, relationship status, and more!

How many children does ‘Return to Amish’ star Sabrina Burkholder have?

The Pennsylvania native is currently the mother of six children: son Zekiah and daughters Skylar and Kalani, whom she shares with ex Jethro, as well as older daughters Oakley and Arianna with her ex-boyfriend. Harry Kreiser III.

Back to Amish Sabrina Burkholder Children
Courtesy of Sabrina Burkholder/Instagram

The reality personality revealed a surprise pregnancy when she revealed that she gave birth to baby number 6 on February 23, 2023.

Does Sabrina Burkholder have custody of all of her children?

During the TLC series, Sabrina lost custody of her daughter Ariana in 2015 due to her heroin addiction. She lost custody of her second-oldest daughter, Oakley, in August 2016 after a friend allegedly had a heart attack in her car and died, with Oakley in her back seat. Her older daughters were later adopted by her father’s sister because she could no longer care for them.

During the season 5 premiere in November 2018, Sabrina got into a fight with her co-star. Jeremiah Raber after he accused her of “giving up” custody and choosing her heroin addiction over her children.

“I signed my kids because it was the best thing I could do for them,” Sabrina explained during the heated exchange.

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“Or was it because you couldn’t stop using heroin?” Jeremiah responded. “Exactly, because you made that more important. And you, as an adopted child, should know when you’re adopted, you don’t do that sh*t to them. That’s why the hell I’m pissed off.

Who is ‘Return to Amish’ star Sabrina Burkholder dating?

While it is not known if the reality personality is currently in a relationship, In contact confirmed her split from Jethro in August 2022. After beginning their relationship in 2017, Sabrina introduced her ex-boyfriend on Return to Amish season 6, which debuted in March 2021. At the time, the Mennonite was pregnant with the baby. No. 3, his first with Jethro.

Before Jethro, Sabrina was in an on-off relationship with her ex-boyfriend Harry. The couple documented their rocky romance in breaking amish.

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