Ramona Singer on Caroline Manzo Teresa Giudice ‘Monster’ Claim

Choice of sides. ramona singer apparently agrees with carolina manzothe statement that judge theresa is a “monster”.

Caroline, 61, and her daughter, lauren manzodiscussed how fame has impacted Teresa, 51, in a negative way while appearing on page sixThe live podcast “Virtual Reali-Tea” on Thursday, May 18.

After real housewives fan account shared Caroline and Lauren’s quotes from the podcast via Instagram on Sunday, May 21, Ramona, 66, seemed to agree with the sentiment by liking the post.

“I miss the days of Season 1 Teresa. Yeah… that’s what makes me so sad because we laugh so much,” Caroline said during the podcast appearance. “We were there for each other. We were on this trip.”

While the two women initially had a close relationship, the Real Housewives of New Jersey alum suggested that the show’s success changed Teresa.

“Fame is a very, very dangerous thing, and if you’re not completely grounded in who you are, you buy into the bullshit,” Caroline said. “Fame went to her head and I’ll be here to this day, up to this moment, in the fact that I’ve always stood up for her.”

The mother-daughter duo continued to reflect on Teresa as Lauren, 35, dubbed the Bravo star a “monster” who would “step on anyone to get ahead.”

Ramona apparently threw shade at Teresa after she accidentally leaked the mother-of-four’s wedding date and location via her Instagram Stories ahead of the ceremony in August 2022.

Just a few weeks after getting married Luis “Louis” RuelasTeresa complained that Ramona’s mistake forced her to increase security.

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“I was like, ‘Are you kidding?'” the Standing Strong author recalled while on a panel on Live! Casino & Hotel in Philadelphia. “I’m like, ‘Ramona, uninvite me from your story! Why would you do that?’ I’m like, ‘You’re on TV, I’m on TV, why would you do that? My future husband has crazy exes, are you kidding me?’”

Ramona Singer weighs in on Caroline Manzo's claim that Teresa Giudice is a 'monster'

Andy Cohen shared even more information about the dispute in his 2023 book, dad diariesin which he assured that Teresa called Ramona “lower class” for sharing information about her wedding.

During the same podcast appearance, Caroline claimed that she knows who called the FBI about Teresa before her fraud arrest in 2013. After the indictment, Teresa and her then-husband, joe judgethey were convicted of fraud in 2015. She served 11 months in prison and was released in December 2015, while Joe spent three years behind bars before being deported to his native Italy in March 2019.

In 2019, Teresa admitted that she suspected Caroline turned her in because she had previously predicted that she would end up serving time in prison.

However, the television personality said on the podcast that he took the blame because he is not a “rat.”

“You can believe what you want about me,” Caroline said. “I know I never did, could never do that. But if blaming me makes you feel better, okay, then your reality. It’s not going to change my day.”

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