Producers Said to ‘Go Easy’ on Kris

90 day fiance star Debbie Aguero confirmed that the show’s producers told the cast not to ask Cris Foster tough questions during season 4 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Side tell everyone.

After a fan asked Debbie, 67, if the cast were told to “start having problems over ratings,” the TLC personality revealed that they were actually told otherwise.

“I had never been approached to start trouble. They even told everyone to go easy on Kris because she was in a fragile emotional state,” Debbie said. “I thought she was nice of me.”

He then pointed out that some of his co-stars, including Gabe PabonMoreHe may have been more outspoken due to the way fans have treated him. During the May 22 reunion episode, Gabe, 32, questioned Mahmoud Sherbini about the way he treats his wife, nicole sherbiny. The heated conversation led Mahmoud to run off the stage.

“Gabe was probably just frustrated,” Debbie wrote of her co-star’s behavior during the meeting. “He gets a lot of hate mail.”

After Debbie’s comments were reposted by a fan account on Wednesday, May 24, the Georgia native took to the comments section to reiterate her claims.

“No one was ordered to say or do anything,” he said. I doubt anyone would be brave enough to try [herd] lots of wild cats.

Meanwhile, daniele doors he also took to the comments section to insist that the producers did not give the cast any notes on how to act.

“I will 100% confirm that no one asked me to do anything, to be easy or hard on anyone, and I am actually surprised and/or disappointed to hear that someone was given that direction,” Daniele, 43, wrote. “I feel like it’s up to us to say what we say and mean it.”

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The New York native continued: “No one can put words in our mouths, or we can easily say, ‘No, I’m not saying or doing that.’ You cannot do this job without fully understanding your own values ​​and [principles] and non-negotiable.”

Debbie Aguero of 90 Day Fiance confirms that the producers asked the cast to

While Debbie didn’t elaborate on what was going on with Kris, 40, during the meeting, her fragile state may have been related to her split from Jaime Noguera.

During the reunion episode on May 21, the former couple fought over their financial problems and Kris stated that Jeymi, 31, cheated on her three times after they got married.

“When I found out he was cheating on me for the second time, I left work angry and upset and flipped my car over,” the mother of two said. “I was terrified because I knew that I could have died due to my health injuries.”

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