Photos of Tammy, Amy’s Homes

1000 sister pounds stars tammy slaton and amy halterman (née Slaton) have been focusing on their own life paths after Amy moved out of their shared Kentucky duplex.

Tammy, for her part, has been in a weight-loss rehab center in Ohio after her brother chris combs revealed that he lost 115 pounds in the season 3 finale.

Meanwhile, Amy got her new spot ready for baby No. 2 after announcing that she and her husband are now separated. michael halterman They were expecting another child in July 2022, a big change that led Amy to put her fitness goals on hold. The couple previously welcomed their first child, Gage, in November 2020.

Their family grew when Amy gave birth to their son Glenn in July 2022.

In contact previously confirmed that Amy bought a new home in the town of Morganfield for $37,000, a short drive from Dixon, Kentucky, where Amy still resides in her share of her old one-story duplex. Amy lived on the right side while Tammy used to reside on the left side.

During a January 2022 episode, Amy talked to Tammy about her decision to move, explaining why she didn’t want to plan any future trips.

“I just made an offer on a house and they accepted it,” Amy told Tammy of her choice to move into a four-bedroom near a local park. “So, let’s move soon.”

Gage has his own room, he doesn’t have to sleep in the kitchen. I obtained [an] office, a free bedroom. It has a huge laundry room, a kitchen, a big dining room,” Amy continued, noting that she wanted a place that she could call “her own”.

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Although Tammy gave Amy her blessing, Amy said she knew it would be an adjustment for her sister.

“Tammy may not admit it, but she wants me to stay because she’s afraid of being alone,” she said in a confessional. “Last time, she was on her own, she ended up with pneumonia and she ended up on life support. But I still have to do what’s right for my family. Gage comes before Tammy.”

As Amy seemed to settle into her new home, Sun reported that she moved out of the house with her two children in February 2023 amid her marital problems with Michael. It was believed that she was living with Tammy in Kentucky after her return from rehab.

Three weeks after Amy moved in, In contact confirmed that Michael filed for divorce from the reality star after nearly four years of marriage on March 13, 2023.

Scroll through the photos below to see Tammy and Amy’s homes.

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