Photos of ‘Counting On’ Star’s Home

Living large! jason duggar he became a homeowner at just 21 years old.

He Counting on alum first showed off his new home via Instagram in April 2022. kacey musgrave‘s song “My House”, Justin’s video tour began with a shot of the outside of the house. The exterior of the house is covered with wood paneling and features a white front door.

Once inside the house, the former TLC personality pointed his camera at a wooden table with four appliances placed on it. Coffee cups also hung near the wall.

Jason, who is a contractor and owner at Build Master Construction, then panned the camera to the other corner of the room, which has two matching cushioned chairs, a small coffee table, and string lights hanging from the ceiling. Windows gave her Instagram followers a look at an outside porch that wraps around the house.

The room also featured a wooden desk, which is decorated with a small bicycle statue and organization tools near her laptop.

A brown leather chair sits in the lower end corner of the house.

The former TLC star’s tour continued with a look at the upstairs section of the home. Jason hangs his clothes on a coat rack in the corner of the room, while his big bed sits on top of a soft rug. Similar to the lower level of the home, string lights hang from the ceiling above the bed.

While some of Jason’s clothes hang near the wall, others are placed in stacked bins on the other side of his bed. Meanwhile, the former reality star put her baseball caps on display by hanging them on the wall.

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Jason captioned the video explaining that the tour was from his “pad,” though he didn’t reveal where it is.

Fans wondered if the house is Jason’s main property in the comments section. One person guessed that he renovated “a tiny house,” while another wondered if it’s a “tree house” the Duggar family built earlier.

Jason shared the video months after he gave fans a look at another one of his home projects. In January 2022, Jason showed off his “coat rack installation” in an Instagram video. In the clip, he used a green laser level and ruler to expertly hang hooks for multiple baseball caps.

Keep scrolling to see how Jason decorated his new house.

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