Patrick Carroll, Tyler Herro Join Forces For Charity Event

Join forces! Philanthropist patrick carrol and the Miami Heat tyler hero teamed up for the Tyler’s Boy Wonder World Lifestyle brand launch and SOLARIS art exhibit to benefit charity.

On May 4, The Office Art Gallery and SOLARIS teamed up to present the artist’s work John Robles and launched Tyler’s new clothing brand, Boy Wonder World. Sponsored by Miami billionaire Patrick, the event brought the philanthropist and Miami Heat star together like never before.

carroll event
Manny Hernandez/Getty Images for Patrick Carroll

“I love both charity and art, so having the opportunity to give back in the name of art makes it all worth it,” Patrick said of the event. Commenting on how he got involved in the first place, the Kicks For Kidz personality said: “I’m an art collector and gallery owner. Mate [Chevallard] He’s a good friend of mine who felt that Tyler Herro and I could join forces to make a difference. When I see a great opportunity to get involved with some truly talented artists and support my community, I can’t miss it!”

To make the event even more unmissable, 100% of the proceeds from the evening will go to a charity of Patrick’s choosing.

The night itself was full of creativity, with artist Jonny showing off his latest art installation. Boy Wonder World also brought the heat with his bold collectible look, and Tyler discussed the unique launch idea.

“Instead of having a regular launch party, I wanted it to be elevated. Being in Miami and with the Design District being a staple in Miami, an art gallery opening party seemed ideal,” she said.

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carroll event
Manny Hernandez/Getty Images for Patrick Carroll

The launch party was not only attended by the two collaborators, but was also attended by the Miami Heat players, the WWE wrestler and the TMZ Sports host. Dean “Mojo” Muhtadiprofessional tennis player Reilly Opelka and more.

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