Paris Jackson Transformation: Michael Daughter Young, Now

Through the years, paris jackson you have actually logged into your account. After wearing masks to help hide his identity when she was younger, the star grew to rock the red carpet and go all out on Instagram. But the daughter of Michael Jackson is not only known for flaunting her incredible fashion sense, she also follows in her father’s footsteps when it comes to making music.

paris and ex boyfriend gabriel glenn He started his own band in 2018. Dubbing themselves the Soundflowers, they began their careers by performing two original songs at a concert in Los Angeles in June. By August, her second show arrived and Grandma katherine jackson he made sure she was in the audience. The singer took to Instagram to celebrate the milestone and share photos with her family members.

“Fk. I can’t believe my grandmother made it to our second live show. And she really liked it?! She was shitting my pants, ”the blonde beauty shared on the social network. Speaking directly to Katherine, she continued: “I love you so much, Grandma. I’m so happy we got to play for you.”

Paris and Gabriel separated in August 2020 after two years of dating. In contact confirmed at the time. While it’s unclear if they will continue to make music together, Paris released her debut solo single, “Let Down,” in October.

Being the daughter of the King of Pop, it makes sense for Paris to pursue a career in music. She has often opened up about her father, paying tribute to her late father on her birthday and on anniversaries of his death. “My angel, my king, my universe. Eight years without you feels like a lifetime,” she wrote on Instagram in June 2017. A few months later, she wrote, “I will never feel love like I felt with you again,” on what would have been her 59th birthday. his father. birthday.

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Paris also divulged in a candid interview with LVR Magazine in March 2022 that he has “a pair of my dad’s pajamas and a bracelet he wore the whole time I knew him” and that he keeps the bracelet “in a safe place.”

He also opened up about his spirituality. “I have philosophies that I have been told are Buddhist. For example, I believe that the meaning of life is suffering, which is a Buddhist belief,” she said. “I like to educate myself and choose what works for me, which is the path of least harm. As long as you don’t hurt anyone, you can do whatever you want.”

But while the star is all about light and love and encourages her followers to “give peace a chance,” she’s also become a total queen of palmas. Because she doesn’t let others tell her what to do, the sassy star regularly puts haters in her shoes with her trademark snarl. After decorating her skin with body art, Paris loves it when strangers tell her to remove her tattoos, and she never fails to take the opportunity to take the joke.

after showing it Radiohead inspired ink In February 2020, a fan responded, “You don’t need tattoos. Without them, [you] They’re amazing.” The star quipped, “A little late for that, but thanks.” When told by another commenter that she “could still delete them,” she simply said, “OMG, LOL.” separate tweet, she quipped, “’What are you doing this weekend?’ not much, just [chilling]removing more than 100 tattoos [because] this guy on twitter told me to do it lol. HBU?

Take a look at the gallery below to see Paris’ transformation as she grew into the smart and strong woman she is today.

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