Nicole Breaks Mahmoud’s Cultural Norm

A lesson learned. 90 Day Fiancé: To the Other Side star nicole sherbiny admitted that it was a mistake to force Mahmoud El-Sherbini introducing her to her friends, as doing so breaks Egyptian cultural norms.

In a teaser clip for the upcoming Sunday March 5 episode obtained by PeopleNicole, 38, was seen sitting next to Mahmoud at a table across from some of her friends, and her discomfort was obvious. As the TLC personality struggled to strike up a conversation with the group, she confessed to her husband that she was feeling “a little uncomfortable.”

“I feel very shy right now, but I don’t even know what is appropriate to ask because I don’t want to offend anyone or cross any cultural boundaries,” Nicole told Mahmoud privately at the table.

During her confessional, the reality star revealed that she “wasn’t nervous at all before [she] I got here,” but once he got to dinner, he admitted that he “just wanted to[ed] go, actually.

Mahmoud, 30, also revealed his thoughts on camera later, saying: “I feel like she wants to say to herself, ‘What did I do to myself? Why am I here now?’”

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However, Mahmoud taught Nicole how to tell her friends she was “happy to have met them” over dinner, and they promptly returned the gesture across the table.

However, the group outing was a learning lesson for Nicole, as she later explained during her confessional: “Now I know I need to listen to my husband when he says these things are not normal, because he is right. He was awkward, and now I don’t think we have to do it again.”

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The reason why Nicole wanted to meet her husband’s friends was because she felt isolated coming back to Egypt.

This is the second time that Nicole has lived in Egypt with Mahmoud. The two have struggled with their cultural differences, from Mahmoud disagreeing with Nicole’s style of clothing, as it breaks Muslim dress codes, to her citing how “different” lifestyle is in the African country. compared to American life. The couple separated just 11 months after they were married when the Idaho native filed for divorce from Mahmoud. Nicole then returned to the US after their brief separation.

However, Nicole eventually missed her husband and the two reunited. Season 4 of the 90 day fiance The spin-off series documents his second attempt to move to Egypt.

However, despite rekindling their relationship, the spouses are still experiencing strong turbulence in their marriage. During the February 26 episode, fans watched as the couple fought to live with Mahmoud’s family after his relatives welcomed him and Nicole with a party.

When she tried to tell her husband that she is “very introverted” and “used to living alone in a quiet environment”, Mahmoud insisted that her living situation will not change, replying: “I know it’s too much for you, but I need you to handle that more.

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