Mom, Dad, Stepparents and Siblings

Leaning on the family. While fans have seen Selena Gomez Growing from child star to successful singer and actress, some people may not know the family members who have stood by her as she navigated fame. Keep scrolling to meet her mom, dad, step-parents, and siblings.

Who are the parents of Selena Gomez?

Selena’s mother is amandaMandy” Teefywhile his father is Ricardo Joel Gomez. Mandy was just 16 and Ricardo was 17 when they welcomed Selena in 1992. Selena’s parents were married from 1992 to 1997 and divorced when the Disney Channel alum was just 5 years old.

Mandy married the talent manager Brian Teefeand in 2006. Meanwhile, Ricardo married his second wife, sarah gomezin 2012.

Like her daughter, Mandy is also involved in the entertainment industry and runs the production company Kicked to the Curb Productions. She served as a producer on the Netflix original series 13 reasons why next to Selena. She was also an executive producer on the 2020 film. The gallery of broken hearts.

Also, Mandy, Selena and Daniela Pierson founded the mental fitness ecosystem, wonderfull mindin 2022.

While Mandy has made her mark in Hollywood, Ricardo has lived a more private life and not much is known about him.

Surrounded by Support!  Meet Selena Gomez's family, including her mom, dad, step-parents, and siblings
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Does Selena Gomez have siblings?

Selena became a big sister when Mandy and Brian welcomed their daughter, Gracie, in 2013.

He Only murders in the building The actress has a close bond with Gracie, who is occasionally featured in her social media posts and at red carpet events.

“Honestly, it was the coolest feeling,” Selena said. BBC One Sounds about attending the frozen 2 premiere with Gracie in 2019. “I told her, ‘This is my favorite rug I’ve ever done.’ Because she has never done any of that and we don’t make her do it. everything we do [is] to keep her safe. But my sister has become very dramatic now, so she loves the dresses and the glitter.

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The sisters continue to show off their close relationship when they attended a Taylor Swift concert together in April 2023. “Thank you, best friend, for making me and my ladybug transported to your mystical, euphoric and special world,” Selena wrote along with photos of the couple from the concert through Instagram on the 2nd of April. “Proud to meet you! I love you always and forever.”

Gracie even got to share a special moment with Taylor when the singer handed her the hat she was wearing during her performance of “22.” She then gave Taylor a friendship bracelet before returning to Selena in the audience.

Meanwhile, Ricardo and Sara share a daughter, Victoria “Tori,” and a son, Marcus Gomez.

What did Selena Gomez say about Mandy Teefey in her documentary?

Selena gave insight into how her mental health issues have affected her relationship with Mandy in the original 2022 Apple TV+ documentary. My mind and me

After spending time in a treatment center and being diagnosed with bipolar disorder, Selena admitted that she regrets how she treated Mandy and Brian during a part of the documentary that was filmed in 2019.

“I shouldn’t have talked to them the way I did, and I shouldn’t have treated them the way I did, sometimes,” the “Rare” singer said through tears. “Then they know it wasn’t me, so when I wake up the next day they tell me what happened, but they explain it to me, they say, ‘Look, we know it’s not you talking and we’re really worried. and just know that we love you, we see nothing different from last night to now.’ … I’m just saying that I’m really sorry because I remember certain things that I did and I was very bad. Even to this day, I still say thank you and I’m sorry.”

He continued: “They always say, ‘Once we figured everything out, it made a lot of sense, Selena. … We would never, ever give up on you.’ And they haven’t. When so many times, they probably should have.”

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