Molly’s Daughter Olivia, Kelly Case Still Active

Aggravated assault and battery case involving 90 day fiance star molly hopkins‘ daughter olivia hopkins and ex boyfriend kelly brownstill active, In contact can exclusively confirm, despite reports that the case had been closed.

“The case is still technically tagged as active because it has not yet been approved by a supervisor,” Detective Lincoln of the Cobb County Police Department said exclusively. In contact in a statement on Thursday, March 23. “Once it is approved it will be tagged as inactive.”

In contact previously broke the news of Molly and Kelly’s breakup after almost two years of dating on February 4. Before the separation In contact learned exclusively that Olivia, 22, and Kelly, 43, were allegedly involved in a physical altercation, according to an obtained police report filed on February 2. The incident between Olivia and the former New York City Police Department officer allegedly took place at Molly’s and former best friend Cynthia Deckers, LiviRae Lingerie, according to the report taken by the Cobb County Police Department.

According to the Cobb County Police Department report, Olivia was working behind the counter with her mother and another employee when Kelly walked into the store.

“Kelly was mad at Olivia because of problems with Olivia’s boyfriend. Olivia and Kelly argued with each other. Kelly said she was coming for her,” the reporting officer detailed. “Olivia said to come to her then. At that moment, Kelly ran up to the counter, grabbed Olivia by the neck of hers, and slammed her against the wall.”

“Olivia said she waited a long time to report the incident because she didn’t want to stress her mouth during that time and because Kelly is a former NYPD detective,” the report continued.

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90 Day Fiancée Molly Kelly Olivia Altercation Police Report
Discovery+ (2); Courtesy of Olivia Hopkins/Instagram

In the report, Olivia told the officer that she was unable to obtain security footage of the altercation as Cynthia was the only one with “access to the footage.”

Six days later, Cynthia insisted she had nothing to do with the altercation as she issued an exclusive statement to In contact. “I am deeply mortified and want my name removed from the report. I will tell the investigators all of this as I do not want to appear on any lists of this!” said the former TLC personality on February 8. “I’ve tried to stay quiet and let this happen, but now I’m being drawn in, and I’m not going to sit by while my name is misunderstood.”

Kelly later broke her silence on February 15, calling the altercation “an unfortunate verbal incident.”

“We all as a family expected to remain private,” Kelly said in an exclusive statement to In contact on February 15. “It is disappointing that Olivia chooses to go public with the incident three months later. Although the timing is interesting, I wish Molly and her daughters the best and am grateful to move on with my life.”

90 Day Fiance's Kelly Brown breaks silence on 'unfortunate' incident with Molly Hopkins' daughter Olivia
CCF(1); CCF(2); Courtesy of Olivia Hopkins/Instagram (3)

Molly and Kelly met online in 2020 and documented the beginning of their relationship on season 1 of 90 days: the single lifewhich debuted in August 2021. This marked Molly’s first public relationship since her May 2017 divorce from her ex-husband and former 90 day fiance co-star louis mendez.

Reporting by Nate Grant

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