Mini Home Tour Amid House Foreclosure

Welcome to your crib. Kim Zolciak-Biermann He showed off his gorgeous pool and “Hollywood Room” in the midst of his home’s foreclosure.

He Real Housewives of Atlanta The 44-year-old student took to her Instagram Stories on Tuesday, February 21, to share a clip showing her inground pool. “Our pool now looks amazing after cleaning it,” she said. “He is so cute.”

Kim then turned the camera up to capture a picturesque landscape that can be seen from the pool.

Hours later, the Bravo star gave fans a peek into one of her “favorite rooms” in the house called the “Hollywood Room.” The room is decorated with black walls, a large mirror, cushioned sofas and chairs, a circular white rug, candles, a TV, and a large chandelier.

As she moved the chandelier closer, Kim pointed out that a deflated yellow balloon got caught in one of the lights. She also acknowledged that she left a single red glass on one of the tables.

Kim gave fans a mini tour of her house just four days later In contact confirmed that the Alpharetta, Georgia, mansion that she shares with her husband, kroy biermannbe sold at auction “to the highest bidder for cash” on March 7 during Fulton County Courthouse legal sale hours.

Truist Bank is overseeing the sale of the property, which is located at Manor Golf and Country Club. The sale is based on a $1.65 million mortgage the family established in 2013. According to the foreclosure notice, the home is being sold because Biermann “failed to pay the debt as and when due and in the manner expected.”

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In October 2022, In contact confirmed the couple defaulted on a $300,000 loan that was taken out on the 6,900-square-foot home. Foreclosure is the result of non-payment.

Kim Zolciak-Biermann Gives A Mini Tour Of Her Home In The Middle Of Foreclosure: See The Pool And 'Favorite' Room
Courtesy of Kim Zolciak-Biermann/Instagram

After the foreclosure news broke, a source exclusively said In contact that Kim is “heartbroken” about the sale of her house.

“She is a braggart at heart, so this is very embarrassing for her,” the source revealed, noting that she is “in denial” or “hoping for a miracle” when it comes to the property’s foreclosure.

The home includes five bedrooms and 6.5 baths, as well as several amenities including a basketball court, elevator, waterfall, pool, and spa. Kim, who moved into the home in 2013, often called the property her “dream house.”

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