Mike, Marcia Still ‘Hang Out’ After Split

Keep in contact. 90 day fiance star mike youngquist still dating his ex girlfriend marcia brazil after their split, she exclusively tells In Touch.

“Mike and I are not together, but we will always hang out together,” says Marcia, 43. In contact. “We’ve both been through a lot when it comes to relationships and when we get together it’s about enjoying the time we have, grilling steaks and drinking tequila.”

Marcia confirmed their separation in March 2023, while In contact exclusively revealed the reason they broke up on April 5. “Distance and professional obligations for both have always been an issue, but the friendship remains,” said Mike’s representative, Howard “Howie” woodsaid In contact At the time. “There’s no bad blood between these two, it is what it is.”

“Mike is absolutely funny and definitely not boring!” Marcia tells In contact on TLC’s personality, 34. “Unfortunately, most people haven’t seen that side of him, but you can’t blame him.”

He adds that he would “always look miserable” if he was spending time with Mike’s estranged wife, Natalia Mordovtseva.

Despite being on friendly terms, Marica notes that she “isn’t coming to visit Las Vegas anytime soon.”

He Rock of Love Bus alum currently works at Simply Vegas, a boutique real estate firm in Las Vegas. Meanwhile, Mike lives in Sequim, Washington.

After the duo sparked romance rumors in September 2021, In contact exclusively confirmed in August 2022 that Mike was dating the VH1 alum. “[Mike and Marcia] they are seeing each other,” a source shared exclusively.

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The Washington native’s romance with Marcia came later In contact Mike and Natalie, 36, separated in March 2021 after less than a year of marriage. While both have dated other people, neither have filed for divorce.

The former couple reunited after Mike helped Natalie’s mom, Neliaescape Ukraine amid Russia’s invasion in March 2022, while continuing to spark reconciliation rumors when they saw them filming 90 days: the single life in March 2023.

'90 Day Fiancé' Star Mike Youngquist Still 'Hanging Out' With His Ex Marcia Brazil After Split
Courtesy of Marcia Brazil/Instagram

At the time, a fan shared a photo via social media of the duo apparently deep in conversation as they sat at a table at a farmers’ market in Long Beach, California. They were joined by another woman, who was supposed to be Mike’s mother, Trish.

Natalie continued to fuel the rumors when she shared a photo of the interaction via her own Instagram Stories. However, she hid Mike’s identity by putting an emoji over his face.

While neither Natalie nor Mike have publicly commented on their relationship status, it can be assumed that they are not together. The Ukraine native shared a photo with her boyfriend, joseph weinstein, spend time with her and Nelia on April 24.

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