Micah Dead at Age 15

Welcome to Plathville star olivia plathMicah Meggs’ younger brother has died at the age of 15 after a tragic bicycle accident.

Hey guys, I’m going off social media for a bit. Don’t worry if you don’t see me around here, I’m taking some space now,” the 25-year-old TLC personality shared via his Instagram Stories the day after the May 4 crash. “I lost a younger brother last night in an unexpected accident and I need some clarity and space to grieve.”

According ABC News, Virginia State Police responded to a vehicle vs. bicycle accident that resulted in one death. The incident occurred at 10:10 p.m. on Route 220, a rural road in northern Franklin County, Virginia.

“I was overwhelmed today thinking about all the texts/messages that I haven’t responded to today,” Olivia continued in her statement on social media. “So this is the easiest way for me to let everyone know that I’m taking some personal/family time.”

Micah is survived by his parents, don meggs and karen meggsalong with his eight brothers and sisters plus Olivia: Elijah, Joshua, Elise, Lydia, Sophia, Nathan, Carris, and Kirsten.

“Micah enjoyed spending his time outdoors hunting, fishing, camping, and trapping, and became a skilled outdoorsman,” his obituary shared by his family read. “Micah loved hanging out with his siblings and some close friends, pulling practical jokes, sharing his low-key sense of humor and making his loved ones laugh.”

Olivia made her reality TV debut alongside her now-husband, Ethan Plathin season 1 of Welcome to Plathvillewhich premiered on TLC in November 2019. The show followed the Plath family as they struggled with tensions between the parents. kim plath and barry plathas their adult children grew older and rebelled against their strict and sheltered upbringing.

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Welcome to Plathville Where is Ethan Olivia Plath 3 moving to?

The TLC couple began feuding with their parents shortly after their 2018 wedding and seasons 1, 2 and 3 focused on their drama as Olivia opened Ethan’s eyes to a world outside of his parents’ strict rules.

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