Megan Fox Never ‘Loved’ Her Body Amid Body Dysmorphia

Get staff. Megan fox opened up about his struggles with body dysmorphia and how you see your body.

“I have body dysmorphia. I never really see myself the way other people see me,” said Megan, 37. Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue in their cover story published on Monday, May 15. “There was never a point in my life where I loved my body. Never again.”

Body dysmorphic disorder is “a mental health condition in which you can’t stop thinking about one or more perceived flaws or flaws in your appearance, a flaw that seems minor or that others can’t see,” according to the Mayo Clinic.

She then reflected on how special it felt to model for Sports Illustrated because she has always had a hard time seeing herself as beautiful.

“When I was little, it was like an obsession that I had, that I should look like this,” Megan shared. “And why she had such a young body consciousness, I’m not sure.”

Despite knowing that many see her as a sex symbol, the Jennifer’s body The actress predicted that it will never be easy for her to accept her appearance. “I think the journey of loving myself is going to be endless,” she said.

When Megan was asked what she hopes strangers will notice about her when they first meet her, her answer had nothing to do with her appearance. “I wanted everyone to notice my aura, because I have a rainbow aura and it’s special,” she said.

He transformers the actress opened up about her body dysmorphia amid rumors that there is trouble in paradise with her fiancé, Kelly machine gun.

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After the couple got engaged in January 2022, rumors were split when Megan appeared to snub MGK, 33, when she leaned in for a kiss at the Daily Front Row Awards in April 2022.

While the couple stayed together amid the speculation, there seemed to be more trouble when Megan deleted all of MGK’s photos from her Instagram account in February 2023. She then shared a now-deleted photo with a cryptic caption that read: “You can try dishonesty / is in all your breath”.

Megan Fox admits she never 'loved' her body amid struggles with body dysmorphia

The Tennessee native’s suspicious social media activity came amid rumors that the “My Ex’s Best Friend” singer had cheated on her with her guitarist, Sofia Lloyd.

When a fan suggested Megan’s cryptic post was shared because MGK “probably got on Sophie,” the New Girl actress responded by writing, “Maybe I got on Sophie.”

Meanwhile, the “Do or Die” musician denied he was romantically involved with both MGK and Megan. “Sophie Lloyd is a professional and accomplished musician who has been needlessly dragged into the media due to meritless accusations made on social media,” Sophie’s representative said. page six on February 15. “Any suggestion that he ever acted unprofessionally or walked out on their relationship is false. It is disrespectful to her as a female artist and poor journalism and social commentary to report anything else.”

They were last seen together during a trip to Hawaii in April.

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