Mama June, Justin Shroud on How Daughters Feel About Him

Forward and up. mom june shannon and her husband, justin shroudrevealed how her daughters, Alana Thompson, Anna Cardwell, Lauryn Efird and jessica shannonfeels for her stepfather during an exclusive interview with In contact.

“It’s a work in progress as it is for all families,” says Justin, 34. In contactreferring to how he and his wife’s kids are now getting along while promoting the season 6 premiere of Mama June: Family crisis.

June, 43, was legally married to her husband in March 2022 in a Georgia courthouse. Nearly a year later, they exchanged vows for the second time on February 18. Although Alana “Honey Boo Boo,” 17, Anna “Chickadee,” 28, Lauryn “Pumpkin,” 23, and Jessica “Chubbs,” 26, were all present at their mother Alana’s recent wedding ceremony and Lauryn, in particular, were still skeptical of June’s new wife.

“At first I didn’t hold any hard feelings towards the girls because I want them to be, you know, hesitant about new people they meet,” Justin explains. “You know, always [have got to] protect you at the end of the day and protect yourself. So, that guard always has to be up, you know, and peel that onion layer one at a time and get to know that person. And from the sounds of it, he’s been moving in the right direction. So hopefully we can keep it moving that way.”

For her part, June says the wedding was “amazing” as both she and Justin’s respective families were there to support the happy couple.

Mama June marries Justin Stroud in Florida wedding almost 1 year after her elopement
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Two months earlier, the Mama June: From not to hot alum reflected on the doubt she and Justin received about their relationship.

“[A lot] of people didn’t want us together or thought we wouldn’t make it, but we’ve been through [a lot] to say the least as friends and as a couple that most could not [to] handle,” June wrote in a lengthy Instagram post on March 23 to celebrate their anniversary. “[We] They have done it together and have resolved all situations together. I’ve never experienced that before, so it’s been really nice.”

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While Justin has settled into the blended family, June’s daughters have been making headlines in their personal lives, most notably Anna, 28, who was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer in March. In contact confirmed at the time.

“She has had two rounds of chemotherapy. She’s going for round three of hers next week. She is doing well,” says the Georgia native. In contact. “The second round was a bit tough for her. She’s been, like, sleeping. She is just going through the emotions like anyone with stage 4 cancer. We are going through emotions as a family.”

June adds that she and Justin have been supporting Anna as much as they can by getting her through chemotherapy treatments. However, she also reveals that others in her family have not “been around” Chickadee in a while, “which is sad.”

“We are going too, and the people that are there are Justin, me and the girls. [sic],” she continues. “So, like no one else is around besides her boyfriend. But I tell everyone that whenever the time comes or when she gets really sick, they have to live with it at the end of the day, not me. But outside of that, most days, you know, she’s pretty good. But you know, everyone has their bad days, and be like her mom, if I’m struggling some days, I know she has to be really struggling some days. You know, we have their good days and our bad days.”

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