Maci Shares Cryptic Message Amid Ryan Arrest

weighing? teen mom and alum maci mckinney (née Bookout) shared a cryptic message just hours after news broke that her ex ryan edwards he was arrested and charged with harassment.

“If you absolutely must talk about them, talk about them with God; let it be a matter of prayer,” Maci, 31, shared via Instagram on Thursday, March 2. She captioned the quote with an emoji of three praying hands.

The reality star’s subtle comments were shared just a day after her ex-boyfriend, with whom she shares a 14-year-old Bentley, was arrested and charged with stalking and violation of a protection order.

Ryan was taken into custody by the Hamilton County Sheriff on Wednesday, March 1. In contact previously confirmed. He was released on bail the next day.

The Tennessee native has had a rough year up to the point where he was previously arrested and charged with violating a protective order against his wife, mackenzie edwards (née Standifer) on February 10. Ryan was arrested at his workplace when police discovered that he was in possession of a controlled substance and drug paraphernalia, In contact confirmed.

After weeks of cheating allegations against Mackenzie, the former reality star, who shares children Jagger and Stella with her husband, filed for divorce on Monday, February 27. At the time of filing, she was granted both a restraining order and temporary custody.

while the Teen Mom: The Next Chapter Star is turning to God amid the turmoil, having previously shared a seemingly blunt message about “narcissistic abuse.”

“The trauma that narcissistic abuse causes that not many people talk about,” began a video shared via Maci’s Instagram Story on Feb. 10. “When you are chronically exposed to narcissistic abuse, your nervous system has learned to stay in fight or flight mode or survival mode. Which means you are very anxious all the time.

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The voiceover continued: “When you heal, a big part of that teaches your nervous system how to shift, regulate down to its calmer state, or rest and digest the system.”

Maci and Ryan, who welcomed their son while filming 16 and pregnant — sat down for the first time in years to discuss their co-parenting relationship during a February 2023 episode of Teenage mother: Family reunion The consequences.

“Ryan, there’s a part of Bentley that’s hurting,” Maci said at the time. “He loves you so much, and there is only one person who can help with that pain. And it’s you. He wants a relationship with you more than anything else.

At the time, the MTV alum vowed to rebuild his relationship with his eldest son despite stating that “[don’t] even have a real relationship anymore.”

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