Lydia Gives Update on Kim After DUI

Welcome to Plathville star Lydia Joy Plath shared a rare update about her mom, kim plath, after she was found guilty of driving under the influence of alcohol.

“She is doing very well. She sees the girls often. I get to watch it from time to time when our schedules align,” the 19-year-old TLC personality explained in a YouTube video posted on Monday, March 20. “[I] I really need to meet her soon because I might be leaving town for a while.”

Lydia is one of 10 siblings and is the eldest currently living at home with Kim and her ex-husband, barry plathThe family home of with younger siblings Isaac, Amber, Cassia and Mercy. The reality television personality did not go into details of her trip, but went on to provide an update to fans.

“But I really want you to know that he’s doing great,” he continued. “And the girls spend time with her, time here. And I get to see her when our schedules align.”

The singer’s update on her mother follows headlines that Kim’s DUI case was officially closed on March 8 after the mother-of-10 was found guilty, according to online records viewed exclusively by viewers. In contact.

Courtesy of the Wakulla County Sheriff’s Office

The dance studio owner was fined $963 and given probation and 50 hours of community service. Online records show that she requested an extension to meet the amount owed. In addition to community service and the fine, Kim must complete a substance abuse evaluation such as alcohol and drug testing.

Kim’s legal troubles began on June 10, 2022, when she was involved in a car accident in Wakulla County, Florida, according to a Florida Highway Patrol incident report obtained exclusively by In contact.

A police officer noticed the car traveling south on the highway, turned left and then “rolled over”, eventually resting “its roof on a (water-filled) ditch”. The paperwork noted that the “driver/sole occupant was identified as Kimberly Plath” and she was “still in the driver’s seat” when a witness and another officer helped her out of the car seat, the report explained.

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When the officer asked the TLC GO star how much he had drunk, Kim replied, “Two 12-ounce margaritas.” She agreed to a blood test, which later showed that she had twice the amount of alcohol in her system beyond Florida’s limit of .08 for driving under the influence.

Officers received the toxicology report on September 3, 2022, which revealed that Kim’s blood test had a blood alcohol content between .161 and .162.

“I completed an arrest warrant affidavit against Ms. Plath for DUI (property damage) 316.193.3c,” the officer continued in the report. “And issued a UTC for careless driving.”

The reality star turned herself in to authorities on October 20, 2022, after a warrant was issued for her arrest in connection with the June incident. In contact confirmed that Kim was charged with a DUI with the description of property damage/personal injury. She was released from jail that same afternoon.

The same month as her DUI incident, Kim and her husband, Barry, announced their plans to separate after 24 years of marriage.

“After much thought and discussion, we have decided to end our marriage,” Kim and Barry said. People in June 2022. “While this was not an easy decision, we know it is the best option for both of us. We have been through many ups and downs in our 24 years of marriage and as we navigate this new chapter in our lives, we will be parents to our amazing children.”

After Kim moved out of the family home, Barry took on the role of single mom and Lydia helped care for her younger sisters while working at a local bank.

The former couple have continued to live separate lives, as Barry recently took a “family vacation” with kids Lydia, Micah, and Issac.

'Welcome to Plathville' star Barry Plath joined kids on family vacation amid divorce from Kim
Courtesy of Lydia Plath/Instagram (1); honey (2)

“A fun family vacation to celebrate these 3 wonderful men!” Lydia captioned a photo from the fun weekend. “I guess amazing people are born in March! Yeah…I really can’t explain what’s going on in some of these images.”

Kim apparently skipped out on the celebration.

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