Lizzo Is ~100 Percent~ That Bikini Babe! See the Singer’s Hottest Swimsuit Photos Over the Years

All the rumors are true… lizzo She looks amazing in a bikini, and we’ve rounded up several of her best swimsuit moments over the years to prove it!

Since rising to fame in 2019, the “Good as Hell” artist has become vocal about plus-size women in Hollywood. However, Lizzo (real name: Melissa Viviane Jefferson) doesn’t necessarily preach “body positivity” as we understand it today.

“I think it’s lazy for me to say I’m body positive right now,” the three-time Grammy Award winner said. Fashion in an interview from September 2020. “It’s easy. I would like to be body-normative. I want to normalize my body.”

Lizzo went on to argue that the commercialization of the body positivity movement may have diluted the original message. “Now, you look at the ‘body positive’ hashtag and you see smaller framed girls, curvier girls. Lots of white girls. And I don’t feel anything about it because inclusion is what my message is always about. I’m glad this conversation is included in the main narrative,” explained the Detroit, Michigan native.

“What I don’t like is how the people this term was created for don’t benefit from it. Girls with back fat, girls with bellies that hang, girls with thighs that aren’t separated, that overlap,” Lizzo added. “Girls with stretch marks. You know, girls who are in the 18+ club.”

In addition to being an international superstar, Lizzo is one of the most popular A-list stars on TikTok. With more than 26 million followers, the “Truth Hurts” singer often uses her platform to test vegan recipes and rate vegan dishes in her area.

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In October 2020, Lizzo celebrated her six month anniversary as a vegan and shared before and after videos. “This is me at the beginning of the quarantine, happy, loving myself, dancing. And you know what? I’m still that happy girl, loving myself and loving my body,” she assured, referring to the lockdown amid the coronavirus pandemic. “Love yourself in all stages of your life because you are who you are.”

while talking to People For her March 2022 edition of Women Changing the World, the Emmy Award-winning executive producer opened up even more about body image and body acceptance, telling the outlet, “I think I have a really hot body! I am a body icon, and I accept it more and more every day.”

The cover star continued, “It may not be the ideal body type of a person like, say, kim kardashian She may not be someone’s ideal, but she is a body icon and has created a modern beauty standard. And what I’m doing is stepping into my confidence and my power to create my own standard of beauty. And one day that will just be the standard.”

Scroll through the gallery below to see photos of Lizzo’s best bikini moments over the years.

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