‘Life After Lockup’ Season 4 Couples Still Together

Four new couples from season 7 of love after lockdown and five more couples from previous seasons appear in season 4 of life after lockdownwhich opens on February 24, 2023. But where are the romances between the ex-inmates and their outside love interests today?

This will be the third show in the franchise that Miguel and justine persaud have appeared in Viewers first met the couple when Michael was still behind bars serving a prison sentence on drug charges during season 2 of love during lockdown. The couple got married while he was incarcerated, and fans got to see how the two handled married life after his release during love after lockdown season 7

Michael turned his attention to becoming a rap star, working under the name “Montana Millz” and hoping for a big hit so that he and Justine would be financially established for life. But that was difficult, since he had limited access to recording space near his home in Johnstown, Pennsylvania, where he was serving his probation.

The couple discovered that they were expecting their first child at the end of the season, as Justine became pregnant shortly after Michael’s release. He already has four children from previous relationships, while Justine has three children of her own.

With baby No. 8 on the way for their blended family, the couple’s post-lockdown life promises to be filled with the drama they face as they wait to become parents again. Supporting the family financially will be a challenge, as Michael encouraged Justine to quit her job as a medical technician once they found out she was pregnant. She is now a housewife, while he is still trying to pursue a music career. Are you still together today with all those challenges?

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Other familiar faces from Love After Lockup season 7 joining the follow-up show include Nathan and Skylar, Aris and Cameron, and the ever-volatile Monique and Derek. Did his wandering eye doom their relationship forever or are they still a couple?

More old franchise favorites, including Brittany and Marcelino, Puppy and Amber, and the ever-controversial Shawn and Sara, will be introduced in Season 4.

Read on to find out which pairs of life after lockdown season 4 are still together today after the show ended.

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